Fizzynumber is the exciting new way to 'get the word out'.

Owned Numbers

This is a brand new website but you can watch it grow by seeing more and more numbers being added to this list.

4 digit numbers

6 digit numbers

300 001            424 699

5 digit numbers

20 001                               

7 digit numbers

400 0001            

8 digit numbers


Why you are here

I'm going to guess that your here because you spotted a fizzynumber and was inquisitive to know what it was all about. Well, for an advertiser, that is mission accomplished. If this was the number that the advertiser bought, you would now be viewing their website/information.

How it works

The most popular reasons for using Fizzynumbers is to catch peoples' inquisitive nature.

1. Instead of advertising a new restaurant in town you can advertise a Fizzynumber which draws people to your website where you have pictures, a menu, promotions and more details than you could possibly include on a banner.

Basically, it's up to your own imagination but the best way to learn is probably to view some examples. Here are some very diverse examples of how to use Fizzynumbers.

2. Fizzynumbers can also work like a telephone book. Permanent links could be to a daily newspaper page, travel information page or sports page.

3. You could also drop a random message, maybe you could leave a fizzynumber for your partner to find a message eg. A love message/I'm pregnant message/surprise holiday/gift.


Buy a number

Our advertising prices are shaped to suit everybody and vary from £2 to a Million pounds. That's how diverse Fizzynumbers can be. If you want to be Fizzynumber 1 you will no doubt get a huge number of inquisitive customers worldwide, whilst if you have an 8 digit number trying to catch some local attention you would only pay a small amount.


Random 8 digit numbers are £2 per month

- 5510 1813


Random 7 digit numbers are £5 per month, £40 per year or £200 per lifetime

- 551 3185


Random 6 digit numbers are £10 per month, £80 per year or £400 per lifetime

- 561 118


Random 5 digit numbers are £20 per month, £160 per year or £800 per lifetime

- 15001


Random 4 digit numbers are £40 per month, £320 per year or £1600 per lifetime

- 5119


Please email for prices of specific numbers


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