Halifax Airport Transfers

A local Airport Transfers provider offering a quality service at a reasonable price.

To book you can either telephone 07810 077766 between 9am and 9pm 

Please check that you have all the above information at hand when telephoning your booking(see example forms below for an idea of all the details we will need)

Whilst we do not take a booking fee/deposit we can charge a cancellation fee of 20% of your booking agreement. This is to cover our loss of booking which could have been covered by alternative customer.

How Our prices are calculated

Open google maps

Expand side panel (top left),

Enter start place,

Then enter any collection points in order,

Enter final destination point (airport)

This will give you your mileage eg 50 miles

At the moment this is £1 per mile for up to 4 passengers plus a suitcase each

For 5 or 6 passengers plus luggage - the cost is currently £1.30 per mile

Example number 1  

An agreement seen only by Mrs Milner, operator and taxi driver

Job number 07501

Driver:- Chris 07871 098765

Date:- 17th June 2019

Time:- 11.00

Clients:- Mrs Milner (3 adults, 1 baby)

Telephone:- 07777 098765

Pick up address:- Premier Inn, Halifax Town Centre  

Drop off address:- Manchester Airport Terminal 1

Extra Notes:- 


Return date:- 18th June 2019

Driver:- Dave 07871 098765

Landing time:- 21.05

From:- Manchester Terminal 1

Flight number:- TOM5010 from Genoa

Returning to:- 1050 Huddersfield Road, Halifax

Cost:- £97.50

Payment method:- Cash on way out

Extra notes:- 

Look after and don't forget car seat on return journey (free of charge)

Journey 1 = 45 miles x £1 = £45

Journey 2 = 45 miles x £1 = £45

plus drop off fee = £3

plus pick up fee = £4.50

Extras = 0

Total £97.50

Example number 2 

An agreement seen only by Mr Cooper, operator and taxi driver

Job number 07522

Driver:- Mark 07871 098754

Date:- 21st June 2019

Time:- 20.00pm

Clients:- Mr Cooper (4 adults, 2 children)

Telephone:- 07891 123456

Pick up address:- 56 Lightcliffe Road, Lightcliffe, 400 Keighley Road, Illingworth, 12 Charles Avenue, Southowram

Drop off address:- Manchester Airport Terminal 3

Extra Notes:- Trailer


Return date:- 24th June 2019

Driver:- Mark 07871 098754

Landing time:- 03.10am

From:- Liverpool airport

Flight number:- MT653 Barcelona

Returning to:- 56 WakefieldRoad, Lightcliffe HX3 8AA, 40 Keighley Road, Illingworth HX2 9NJ, 12 Charles Avenue, Southowram HX3 9RY

Cost:- £186.70

Payment method:- Cash on way out

Extra notes:- Trailer

Journey 1 x £1.30 = 62 miles = £80.60

Journey 2 x £1.30 = 77 miles = £100.10

plus drop off fee = £3

plus pick up fee = £3

Extras = 0

Total £186.70

We are individual private hire drivers who have pulled together to give you a fuller, more reliable airport transfer service.

Why we are better working together?

1. Whilst working as a company with just one car restricts us, when we work together we become much more effective. As individuals we were able to take customers one way, but if were booked up for your return journey, customers would try alternative companies that could provide transfers both ways, but now that we work together we CAN provide you with the full service you request.

2. If we hit a problem eg. delayed flights, traffic problems, breakdowns then we have more chance of a backup driver being available to take over the job.

Whilst every effort is made to provide you with a full reliable and efficient service events can happen which may be out of our control eg. traffic, weather, flight delays.

Please Note

If you return to Leeds/Bradford and/or Liverpool airport, we request you telephone your driver when you have your luggage and they will approach the carpark from a short distance away (this is because it can take a long time from you landing to entering the carpark which would run up extra carpark fees).


If you return to Manchester airport, our driver will usually be waiting for you when you enter the arrivals hall with your luggage. We usually wait 20-25 minutes after your arrival time before we enter the carpark. This is to save on carpark fees. (On some occasions there is a further delay for you getting through to the arrivals hall. Although this might not be your fault we regret to inform you that the increased carpark fees are passed on to you - the customer.


Our drivers try to check all arrival times on the airport website but these times have been known to be incorrect or late updates(usually early morning arrivals).(Please accept our apologies if this means we are not on time).