Halifax History Ezine 1

Introduction to Halifax History Ezine 1

Pubs of the past. 

Focus on - Ring o Bells

Hauntings, a tunnel and a gravestone in the cellar. If only walls could talk I am sure there would be a crowd to listen. Still going strong

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Halifax People focus on - 

Tabitha Bagnold 

Tabitha Bagnold may have been one of the best-known businesswoman in Halifax in her time, being the Postmistress for the town two centuries ago, a job she still held at the introduction of Uniform Penny Post in May 1840.

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Viewers page

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A Picture of Halifax - Steve Gee

Street focus on - 


Northgate stretched from the junction top of Woolshops/bottom of Old Market all the way to North Bridge.

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Pastimes revisited - Sunny Buncers

Walks and Talks with David Glover

Buildings through the years. Focus On

Wainhouse Tower

The SHAY is home to Halifax football and Rugby League and has been home to Speedway and even Ice Skating in the past

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A Postcard Collection of John Blagbrough

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