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Introduction to Halifax History

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Northgate at the bottom of Broad Street. Far East was the first Chinese takeaway in town. 

Spot the Difference

The building that is now Bottomley's Opticians used to be the Town Hall (see above the door below). It later became a warehouse for WH Smith's, a wine store and a shoe shop. This building has had an extension which explains why the tall building on the left side of the street in the second picture looks so much further away. The Town Hall Tavern stood opposite.

Ghost cars for sale in a parallel universe.

Eureka is one of Halifax's most popular tourist attractions, but did you know that the same area was also attracting large numbers of visitors many years ago too.

So what was the big attraction?

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A Picture of Halifax - Steve Gee

This website has an amazing collection of old photographs, some of which have been passed on to me and some are with permissions of the owners. It's a difficult job tracing the 'real' owners but you can be sure that the majority of historic Halifax photos are owned by Steve Gee.

He has very kindly given me permission to show several of these on this website for your viewing. So, in appreciation, I would like to direct you all to a superb collection of his books that are available to buy and of which go into much more detail than I could ever discover.

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Street Focus on -

Northgate stretches from the junction at the top of Woolshops / bottom of Old Market all the way to North Bridge and has seen some big changes over the years.

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A part of Halifax that underwent major transition in the 1960's and early 1970's

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Sunny Vale- aka Sunny Buncers was a very popular park and entertainment centre at one time. 

Proprietor Joseph Bunce opened Sunny Vale Pleasure Gardens on the 1st of May 1880, at Hipperholme. Originally Bunce bought the land to create a market garden.

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Saucy postcard 1


Halifax-Dukes-Speedway started life at Thrum Hall(dirt track) from 1928 until 1930 but moved to its more familiar home of The Shay in 1949. It was hosted here until 1986 when they then relocated to Odsal in Bradford.

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Video Vault

A collection of old video footage of scenery and events around the Halifax area

Wainhouse Tower is a folly in the parish of King Cross, on the south west side of Halifax. At 275 feet (84 m), it is the tallest structure in Calderdale and the tallest folly in the world, and was erected in the four years between 1871 and 1875. The main shaft is octagonal in shape and it has a square base and 403 steps leading to the first of two viewing platforms. The tower is open to the public during bank holidays, and is a Grade II* listed building.

Yesterday's amnesty after pensioners were told that cars could be regarded as a dangerous weapon. 

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Halifax People Focus on -

John Mackintosh

His story began in 1891 when John Mackintosh invented a new recipe for toffee, which was sold by him and his wife Violet from their pastry shop in the town.

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The SHAY is home to Halifax football and Rugby League and has been home to Speedway and even Ice Skating in the past

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Halifax People - Percy Shaw

Percy Shaw is probably the most obvious person to start this section with.

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One of Halifax's most famous landmarks is North Bridge but did you know that the bridge we know and admire isn't the original North Bridge.

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A Postcard Collection of John Blagbrough

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Wellesley-Barracks -The barracks was built in the Fortress Gothic Revival Style as a depot for the 33rd and 76th Regiment's

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Many thanks as always go to:-

Stephen Gee

David Glover

John Blagbrough

Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion

Chris Helme

Alan Burnett

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