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Welcome to our E-zine page.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Gary Beaumont and in recent years I have become more and more fascinated with the history of Halifax. I am by no means a historian and there are many people out there who know lots more than I know about our town but I enjoy learning and sharing what I find.

I have built this website as a hobby over quite a long time now and I often change its appearance and add/remove parts of it as I attempt to make it evermore appealing to the public. My main objective has always been to include you and your knowledge and experiences by way of stories, photographs and anything else you might want to include.

Along the way I have very gratefully received lots of your photographs and postcards but there lies a problem. Many of these turn out to be someone else's property and whilst I do try to credit the rightful owners, this is an almost impossible task. Therefore, if you are the rightful owner of any work you see on any of these pages then please let me know and I will treat as per your wishes.

Saying that, I must thank several people who have either submitted or given permissions to use their own pieces. These people listed include but not fulfil a long list of whom I am extremely grateful.


Many thanks go to:-

Stephen Gee

David Glover

John Blagbrough

Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion

Chris Helme

Alan Burnett

There are several ways you could participate. 

  • Write your own article
  • Forward any photographs you might have(I can copy and return if you like)
  • Comment on the facebook page
  • Contribute to the 'Readers Letter's' page
  • Add to any article already submitted 
  • Every photograph tells a story and there are hundreds of thousands of possible subjects for anyone to write.

If you would like to contribute anything to this website or advertise on our pages then please forward all relevant information to


or you can visit our facebook page 

I hope you all enjoy these pages and I look forward to your response.

Gary Beaumont