Halifax History E-zine 3

Halifax History E-zine 3

Introduction to Halifax History

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This edition has some world breaking evidence of time-travel existence in Stainland as an historic photo shows obvious proof of a woman using a mobile phone.

Spot the Difference

India's Disaster 

Facing Halifax Train station, at the bottom of Horton Street is India Building. When it was built, India buildings was likely named after trade links with the Far East. It opened as a wool warehouse and offices for export trader, James Riley in 1861.

Just 10 years later, most of the building was rented by Alfred Bottomley, a cigar manufacturer. 16th October, 1895 was a day Alfred Bottomley would never forget after disaster struck.

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Halifax People focus on - 

Tabitha Bagnold 

Tabitha Bagnold may have been one of the best-known businesswoman in Halifax in her time, being the Postmistress for the town two centuries ago, a job she still held at the introduction of Uniform Penny Post in May 1840.

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Street Focus on -

Commercial Street

There is a Halifax website that has as much information about our town as all our local libraries put together and is also an amazing read. I have lost count of the number of times I have lost myself in the never ending tardis of local information. This is the amazing website of:-

Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion

Malcolm has very kindly allowed me to use information and photographs off this website. Unfortunately, some photos which were given to him were not the originals as they were claimed to be by the giver. Therefore, if you are the rightful owner, please let me know and I will treat them as per your instructions.

Sport Focus on:-

Halifax Sailing Club 

A friendly club on 90 acres of water above Calderdale, West Yorks, with dinghy racing, social sailing, windsurfing, training courses, canoeing and kayaking.


Many thanks as always go to:-

Stephen Gee

David Glover

John Blagbrough

Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion

Chris Helme

Alan Burnett

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