Halifax Zoo and Amusement Park opened at Chevinedge on the 29th May 1909 and was a major attraction until the effects of the war and the difficulty of obtaining the correct food for the animals meant the inevitable closure in 1916.

An excellent magazine by Harry Armitage as well as newspaper reports and a selection of photographs can help you to imagine the experience by reading here

On This Day

18th November

  • In 1862, Thomsons Corn Mill, Eastwood burned down 
  • In 1874, Opening of Mechanics Institute, West Vale
  • In 1931, Opening of Queensbury Catholic church
  • In 1970, Sowerby Bridge Train Station was demolished

Courier's 'Trend of Things'

For many years the Halifax Evening Courier has included a photo at the top of a page, with the written article lower down the page. This was often so that the reader could attempt to recognise where or what the photo was of. The photo quality was often poor but still recognisable. It was a very popular feature that is resurrected on this page. 

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I'll Have A Pint

This weeks featured pubs were all close to the site where Halifax Zoo stood

Exley Park was built in 1939 so missed the excitement of the zoo.

Malcolm Bull's site says 'Poltergeist activity has been reported at the Hotel, including

  • The sound of footsteps above a bedroom
  • Brass plates have been moved from a chimney breast and thrown on the floor

These have been said to be the work of Old Jim, a worker who was killed during construction of the building.

The pub closed [2015] and was demolished [November 2017] and the site used for housing.

The Punch Bowl at Salterhebble was certainly around at the time of the zoo. It must have benefited too as it displayed adverts for the events.

The pub was recorded in 1829 and is still standing today, although it's been empty for several years and in a poor state. It's days are numbered.

Siddal Place, 1 Oxford Lane, Siddal. This has been a Websters pub and recorded as far back as 1871.

Then and Now

South Parade, just above where the Druids Arms stood.

Answer to Trend Of Things

Sowerby Bridge Market on Station Road

Wish You Were Here

Halifax Postcard

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