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Today's focus is on Bailiff Bridge

Read about it's world famous pop group, Firth's Carpets and the Pickle Line 

Firths Carpets was the main employer in Bailiff Bridge for many years

On This Day

20th 1946  First moves towards Sunday cinema in Halifax

Halifax History Picture Quiz

The Halifax Evening Courier ran a column for many years called 'The Trend of Things' where they printed a local photograph which was often poor quality. See if you can recognise these places.

1. Name The Pub

2. Name The Street

3. Name The Building

4. Name The Pub

Answers Tomorrow

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Courier's 'Trend of Things'

For many years the Halifax Evening Courier has included a photo at the top of a page, with the written article lower down the page. This was often so that the reader could attempt to recognise where or what the photo was of. The photo quality was often poor but still recognisable. It was a very popular feature that is resurrected on this page. 

See the answer further down this page

Then and Now

Ovenden's Beechwood Road. 

I'll Have A Pint

Sticking with this weeks theme of Bailiff Bridge, the most obvious pub is the Punch Bowl (originally called Bailiff Bridge Inn). It was recorded open in 1813 and closed in 2011 but still stands at the crossroads junction.

Recorded in 1813 as The Bailiff Bridge InnThe property was sold to Richard Whitaker & Sons Limited.

The pub closed and became the offices for a pest control company [2011].

As well as the pub, there used to be Bailiff Bridge Working Mens Club which was recorded in 1877

A fascinating read about Halifax's living standards in 1850

Read the book

Answer to our 'Trend of Things' photo

Wish You Were Here

Postcard From Halifax 

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