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Focus on Charlestown

Old housing on Charlestown Road

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On This Day

22nd 1902 Elland's new public baths opened by Coun W.H.Eastwood JP

22nd 1912  Rastrick Library opened

22nd 1940, A bomb fell on Hanson Lane, killing 11 people.

22nd 1983  Sainsburys opened

Building of North Bridge Leisure and site of Sainsburys (back left)

Site of Sainsburys and North Bridge Leisure

Picture Quiz

The Halifax Evening Courier ran a column for many years called 'The Trend of Things' where they printed a local photograph which was often poor quality. See if you can recognise these places.

1. Where is this?

3. Which Church is this?

Answers Tomorrow

2. Which school is this?

1. Where is this old courier photo of?

Answers from Yesterday

1. Ainley Top Branch Road

M62 replaces the farm

2. Albion Inn at Lane Head, Brighouse now Success Chinese Take-away

3. Whiteley's at corner of Bethel Street and Huddersfield Road, Brighouse

4. Back of Wool Merchant Hotel

I'll Have A Pint

Ritz in Bradford Road, Brighouse in the 1930's

Wish You Were Here

Postcard From Halifax

Maybe the 'Wish You Were Here' title is a little inappropriate! 

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