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Victorian Halifax

Read the 1948 Courier readers' letter which was written about the memories of living around the Clarke Bridge area of town.

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Diary of Events

24th November

24th 1694  Archbishop Tillotson died (born at Haugh End, Sowerby

24th 1951  Bicentenary of Steep Lane Baptist Church, Sowerby

Picture Quiz

The Halifax Evening Courier ran a column for many years called 'The Trend of Things' where they printed a local photograph which was often poor quality. See if you can recognise these places.

1. Where is this?

2. Name the road

3. What would you often smell here in the 1960's? Two answers

4. Where is this?

Answers from Yesterday

1. A Town Hall but which Calderdale town?

2. A hillside Inn but which one?

3. A local Church but which one?

4. A busy bend but where?

Stump Cross and The Hough

I'll Have A Pint


Old-Cock-Hotel-Halifax is a Grade II listed building that stands in the middle of town and is the place where Halifax Building Society was formed. Nowadays the place to be to catch live bands.

Around 1580, the building was a town-house built by William Saville of Copley following his marriage to Isabel Lacey in 1575 and it first became an inn in 1688. In 1768, an upper room was home to Halifax Circulating Library but was moved in 1818 next to the Theatre Royale, Wards End.

It's written that the Hotel's Yards were used as a theatre on occasion before the structure of a purpose built theatre at Wards End.

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Wish You Were Here

Postcard From Halifax

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