Halifaxpeople Spring 2017

Halifaxpeople-Spring2017 is the very first edition of what will hopefully be a regular magazine. In this edition there is a quiz, focus on Claremount, a look at local sport and a competition for you to enter.

Warmer weather will hopefully be upon us this Spring which means popular sports like golf and cricket take place. Outdoor sports have struggled lately to attract its past number of participants which maybe down to a number of reasons but I believe that people are really missing out on a fantastic social life as well as the fitness aspect of

sport. In my experience, team-mates and opponents have been friends for life just for the reason that they share a common interest. It would be great if numbers did increase again as there are some great clubs around and we have also managed to get the following offers too.


Garden Centres

Pub focus



Village Focus

Warley Gardens