Halifaxpeople Today 5

Halifaxpeople Today 5

June 5th 2022

All Souls Church, Boothtown

We’re delighted to announce that the Brighouse 1940s weekend is back this year – Save the Date. We’re in the process of pulling together the full programme of events which is looking as fabulous as it has in years gone by! Watch this space as we update it with information for the event  


On This Day

On the 5th June, 1958, Manor Heath was demolished.

“This mansion was erected some time ago for Mr. John Crossley, at Manor Heath, about a mile from the town of Halifax, Yorkshire, from the designs and under the superintendence of Mr. Alfred Smith, of the Adelphi (one of the architects of the Army and Navy Club House in Pall Mall). Mr. Smith’s designs were originally chosen by Mr. Crossley from the competition drawings (all in the Italian style) of six selected architects, all of whom received a moderate premium for their trouble: afterwards, at Mr. Crossley’s request, the chosen architect prepared the design in the Gothic style, which we have engraved.

The whole of the external walls are built with ** Stainland” or ” Park Spring” Stone quoins, dressings, etc, filled in with self-faced, narrow York bindings. These walls are battened internally, and the other walls are of brick. The carcass was built by local tradesmen, and Mr. Thomas Risley (a provincial architect) rendered valuable assistance as clerk of works. The windows arc all on the sash principle, with the division of the upper and lower sashes immediately behind the stone transoms. The rooms were all fitted up and furnished under the direction of the architect. The ornamental portions of the ceilings were executed in Carton-pierre by Jackson & Sons, of Rathbone-place; and Messrs. Jackson & Graham, of Oxford-street supplied the furniture and hangings.”

As published in The Builder, March 21, 1863.

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