Halifaxpeople Weekly 23-11-2020

Monday 23rd November 2020

On this day

23rd November 

  • In 1863, The new portion of Illingworth churchyard was consecrated and the church school, Ovenden was opened by the Bishop of Ripon

24th November

  • In 1849, Halifax Borough Justices first sat
  • In 1849, Victoria Reservoir was formally opened
  • In 1922, Halifax competitive Musical Festival was inaugurated

25th November

  • In 1820, Halifax Sunday School Union held it's first annual meeting
  • In 1873, St Joseph's Roman Catholic school opened

27th November

  • In 1852, Halifax Mechanics Institute and Mutual Improvement Society amalgamated
  • In 1862, Box Trees mill in Wheatley burned down

28th November

  • In 1860, Halifax Industrial Society Central Stores commenced
  • In 1938, Slasher scare in Halifax. Scotland Yard called in

29th November

  • In 1850, 12 people were killed by a boiler explosion in Lily Lane mill

Picture Quiz

1. Name the village

3. Where is this?

2. Name the pub

4. Where is this

Last weeks Answers

1. Shears (now called '1885' or 'Dean Clough Inn')

2. Top of George Street (now Georges Square)

3. The Shay (before the football ground)

4. Heathcliffe (Abbey Park estate)

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A Picture of Halifax - Steve Gee

This website has an amazing collection of old photographs, some of which have been passed on to me and some are with permissions of the owners. It's a difficult job tracing the 'real' owners but you can be sure that the majority of historic Halifax photos are owned by Steve Gee. He has very kindly given me permission to show several of these on this website for your viewing. So, in appreciation, I would like to direct you all to a superb collection of his books that are available to buy and of which go into much more detail than I could ever discover.

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