Lister Lane and Gibbet Street and Hopwood Lane

Lister Lane and Gibbet-Street, Hopwood Lane areas

Hopwood Lane

Lister Lane

Gibbet Street

Fleece and Queens below it

Fleece Inn

Bramwell Booth's birthplace - founder of the Salvation Army

Hanson Lane

Hanson Lane-Castle Hotel

Hanson Lane, Regents Mills

Friday, 22 November 1940. Just over a week after the devastating Luftwaffe attack on Coventry which left thousands dead or injured and homeless, a lone bomber dropped a 100kg bomb on houses in Hanson Lane in Pellon, Halifax, killing 11 civilians and injuring a further 10 people. The bomb hit the pavement in front of number 77.

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Visit the bottom of Pellon Lane area(The City) or the Bull Green area