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If this is the number you have bought 1010

All you need to do is leave this link around for people to see


Its new, its catchy and it works just as well for big companies as it does for smaller companies

All you have to do is leave your new number around - anywhere and everywhere

Be creative and be inventive. 

Leave your new number everywhere

  • Buy merchandise :- pens, cups, embroidered clothing
  • Leave posters or even just pieces of paper 
  • Car Banners
  • Random webpages
  • Social media:- Facebook pages, Twitter sites

Welcome. There is a very good reason why you are here. 

The reason is - you were curious.

MyMyteryNumber is 23 on this amazing new website that gets noticed and the fact that you are here proves that it works.

This could just as easily be your page that someone is visiting.

For just £1 a week  -  How would you like to have more viewers to your webpage or do you have an event coming up and you want a catchy way of getting people to notice something. 

Big companies that can afford to spend more on their advertising are at the forefront and are the centre of attention on our front page but if you only have a small advertising budget - Don't Despair - there are clever little gimmicks for you to get noticed too.

Small companies have another way of getting noticed.

Ok, so what's this big idea?

Every website needs traffic. That's what they are there for. Whilst some websites might be happy with the traffic they already get - most sites need as much as they can get. Big spending companies like 'Sportswear' or 'Sky TV' can afford big money to advertise but how do the smaller web links get noticed?

This site caters for everyone.

  • Business websites
  • Personal websites
  • Facebook pages
  • Discounts
  • Products/Brands
  • Brochures
  • Corporate image
  • Events (especially where there are lots of attractions and mini events happening together)
  • Lists of offers on items
  • New restaurants/shops opening 
  • Detailed promotions that wouldn't fit on a poster
  • Promotion packages eg. Betting shop deals
    and so much more.
  • Surprise someone with a message
  • Birthday/Christmas cards

But that's been done. There's loads of sites out there.

That is part of the problem. There are loads of sites so how do you get noticed?

This is different...... Very different


1. Firstly, you decide how long you want to advertise for. 

If its a one-off event that you are promoting or a single item you are wanting to sell, then you probably only want to advertise for a WEEK

If you have a new shop, new menu or new range of clothes that you want to promote then you might want a MONTH

If you have an established business that is going to be around for years then the Lifetime fee is best for you

You might buy the Number23.

So you now own 'MyMysteryNumber    23  for the period you chose.



2. Secondly, you need to choose your advertising budget.

Whether you decide on the WEEKLY, MONTHLY or YEARLY, the smaller the number you buy(single digit or 2 digit numbers), the more passing traffic will see your page so smaller numbers are more expensive. This will become clearer when you visit the 'BUY A NUMBER' page.


As this site becomes more and more popular larger numbers wont even appear on the main page so how will they get noticed?

This is where this website works best.

If you buy     MyMysteryNumber      17354 

This is what you can now advertise in a new gimmicky and clever way.

Use all sorts of merchandise like pens, posters T-shirts etc. with your very own 'mymysterynumber' code that people will search for out of curiosity on this website.

It Really Works

Just imagine - you see a guy on your local bus with this T-shirt on

or the same advert on a cup, pen or poster.


You are inquisitive and you look on your phone. People do. Fact

Now everyone wins

More expensive numbers get lots of passing trade and smaller numbers get a catchy new gimmicky way of reaching customers.

See more examples of how to advertise your number.

Now buy a number


Go to Main Page

Exciting and fun 'new' idea to promote your own website or facebook page.

Ideal for promoting:- Discounts, Events, Brands, new businesses

and so much more.

Get more traffic to your website.

Website Visitors

Promote your number on your very own merchandise.

Make this Vistaprint

Do you need to build a website?

Who would buy a number?

All advertisers should consider this new and catchy method of promotion. 

a). Its better than a flyer because your customers are sent to your website which has every ounce of detail on it that you want your potential customers to see. 

b). It gets you visitors to your site that would never normally see it.

c). Its intriguing. It gets peoples attention. 

It's ideal for promoting just about anything including:-

    • Business websites
    • Facebook pages
    • Discounts
    • Products/Brands
    • Brochures
    • Corporate image
    • Events (especially where there are lots of attractions and mini events happening together)
    • Lists of offers on items
    • New restaurants/shops opening 
    • Detailed promotions that wouldn't fit on a poster
    • Promotion packages eg. Betting shop deals

Why It Works

Your probably here because you either saw an advert for this website or you saw a random mysterynumber sign that someone, somewhere intended you to see. 

It got you wondering

It gets everyone wondering

Its the word 'mystery' 


Search the mystery number and in most circumstances you are directed to a website with full details and information an advertiser wants you to see.

If you want to promote anything then all you have to do is add your number that you have bought to the 

There are lots of ways to promote your number.

  • You can buy your own merchandise which has  and your own number printed onto it
  • You can randomly leave notes/posters for people to find
  • You can advertise in prominent, eye-catching places 
  • write on facebook pages or other internet pages
  • You can use just about any advertising gimmick there has ever been used to promote your number

Why do small digit numbers cost so much?

Every visitor to the site is greeted by a huge list of numbers and the numbers at the top of the pile attract much more attention. Visitors might well click on several random numbers out of interest but are much more intrigued by the ones at the top of the pile.

The website's ''visitors counter'  gives you an idea of the traffic that has been directed to the main page and although they may search for a specific number they are very likely curious as to the numbers on this page too. (dating)

Set up different websites around the world and in all languages eg. China, Japan, Germany, Brazil, USA, Canada

Questions for web designer

  • Each number block to be either Available or Sold
  • Each Sold block has a website link
  • Can we accommodate 1 to 1million numbers?
  • Can each block be bought for various time scales eg. 1 year or lifetime
  • Can each price be set in multiple currencies
  • Can we hold addresses/link accounts to send merchandise
  • Can we send 1 month reminders when contract date is approaching

Vistaprint affiliate 

Prize for sending evidence for the most inventive advertising (keep it legal)

Prizes can be a digit-less advertising eg. 23 instead of 234 if requested