Bank Top

Bethesdas Chapel

Bethesda Chapel. This was just below the Manor House pub.

Bethesda's Graveyard when the wall collapsed and graves were in the road.

Marsh Lane

Bankfield Farm

This was also the home of the 'Travellers Rest' a beer-house.

Battinson Street

Manor House

Although this picture says Law Lane - it isn't. It is actually South Cliffe at Bank Top.

Front of back to back terraces.

Front were Bank Top whilst the back street is Merrion Street

Back of terraces

Merrion Crescent

Front of terraces (Bank Top)

Blagbrough and Hebblethwaite's (Slide Show)

Blue Bell pub which burned down (middle building on the right) with the chippie in front. The back building is still there today.

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