Putting Smiles on Faces

Look everywhere for faces with a WundaNumba

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What is WundaNumba?

If you have anything to tell people, buy a WundaNumba and tell them

Use any legal way you can imagine to promote your WundaNumba

That's it - It really is that simple.

Now all you need is an imagination and WundaNumba does the rest.

Visit our Facebook page for ideas

On the welcome page there are several 'WundaNumbas' so please check them out.

Every WundaNumba has a different message but relevant to where you came across it.

These are just a few things that WundaNumbas could replace

  • Various printing costs 
  • Magazine/newspaper advertising
  • Expensive Website costs
  • Vouchers
  • Business cards
  • Advertising banners
  • Tourist Information boards
  • Timetables
  • Special occasion ideas (Valentine/Xmas/Mothers Day cards)
  • House/car for sale
  • Treasure Hunts/games eg. similar to Eddie Stobbart name search
  • and much, much more depending on peoples imagination. 

Over time you notice more and more of these WundaNumba signs and every time you see one it triggers your curiosity. You just can't help but look it up.

It becomes addictive

You add the APP to your phone.

Now as soon as you see a WundaNumba, you input the number and instantly view the relevant WundaNumba message.

You go on holiday abroad and, you can't believe your eyes. WundaNumbas are even here.

How can you resist looking them up?

Promotional Offer

If you buy a WundaNumba and send us your page details, 

Example 1

Now lets say you buy a WundaNumba because you are promoting your band which are playing next month at a local pub. 

You don't have much money for advertising but you can buy a WundaNumba very cheaply for either 1 month, 1 year or lifetime.

You buy the 1 month package and design a poster and forward it to us by email.

You now have a webpage and a WundaNumba e.g WundaNumba 1665

You ask the pub to display the WundaNumba in its window but here is the best bit. 

You can use any legal method at all for promoting your WundaNumba (use your imagination) but the easiest and simplest way is this.


You will be very surprised at how curious people can be

That is the full concept behind the WundaNumba idea - CURIOUSITY

Example 2


How to Claim - Show this voucher                              Start 2/7/21 - End 2/8/21

Example 3 

Example 4

This idea is designed to open up your imagination.

More and more people are stopping sending Christmas cards. You could design your own Family card, add it on a WundaNumba page and send the link to family and friends by phone or email or other social media contact.

Example 5

View Link

    Keep your eye out for more WundaNumba's which will soon appear everywhere.
    Every time you see a number, look it up. It should always be something to make you smile. Just a little something to make life easier. From a simple 'Thank You' to a gift voucher. Anything that makes life that little bit easier.

About Hushnumber

Hushnumber has an objective to attract visitors by supplying a selection of eye-catching pages. At the same time we also try to supply an improved audience for any business that chooses to advertise with us.

By using the word 'Hushnumber', we create a curiosity that serves two purposes. 1. It gets people talking and spreading the SHHH Secret aspect and 2. People search the website because they are intrigued and curious.

Wherever you are, if you see a Hushnumber, just search the number on our homepage or APP and you will hopefully find something of interest and value to always make your visit worthwhile.

These can vary from 'Vouchers', 'Events', 'Bargain buys' and many more surprises.

For those who have paid to advertise, you will receive your areas' Hushnumber which you should promote in any LEGAL way you choose.

We do insist that all our advertisers promote our Hushnumber logo with the "Hushnumber Area Number" instead of their usual form of advertising. This method will be the secret to  everyones future success. Trust it.


Buy a WundaNumba page for

£19 per month

£69 per year

£199 lifetime

There is an extra charge if you require any updates to your page (once a month)


Adverts are meant to appeal to the "leisure and entertainment" sector and not the "trade and industry" sector. This is to make the website an experience of immediate appeal where any offers are relevant and available within easy distance when an Hushnumber is found.

Examples could be as simple as a voucher/reduction for a local shop/restaurant or reduced admission to an event.

Your page will be a simple design provided by us by using information you provide (Copy and Paste). This is to keep prices down.

You can ask for a more advanced page, but charges will represent the requirement.

About Hushnumber - Prices - Advertise - Contact - Disclaimer

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