Bailiff Bridge - A Tour

Bailiff Bridge - A Tour

Bailiff Memorial

Bailiff Bridge Memorial Park is in the heart of the Bailiff Bridge community. The gardens have areas of herbaceous, shrub and perennial planting and also include open areas of design grass. The original path network and internal ground modelling are still intact from the original 1921 design. It has won a Green Flag Award® 4 times.


Bailiff Bridge Fountain

Here is the Bailiff Bridge fountain and drinking trough which was formally handed over to the Hipperholme Urban District Council to be custodians of it.  LadyJanet Firth, the wife fo Sir Algernon Firth of T.F.Firth Manufacturing Co Ltd, who donated and presented it left a sum of money to ensure that it would not become a financial burden to the rate payers. 

Sadly, by 1962 the authorities decided that it was a road hazard and had to go. Now it would have been a nice gesture for it to have been rebuilt in the memorial park. But no having cost £500 pounds to remove and it was as many people know placed on a council depot, as they described it to me when i rang the council. To the casual passerby it did resemble a tip, made up of material that would be possibly used as hardcore for road repairs.

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