Halifax People

'People of Halifax' is a series of articles about some of the biggest influences in the history of the town.

This first 3 in this series are written by Alan Burnett, a one time lecturer, writer on European Affairs and now regular blogger whose collection of memories, photographs and ramblings are a pleasure to read. http://newsfromnowhere1948.blogspot.co.uk/

The story of a very significant family at the start of Halifax's carpet industry. 

Sir Francis Crossley MP   

World famous Writer and Halifax born and bred

Dr. Phylis Bentley

John Mackintosh

The Toffee King

Story and life of the inventor 

Percy Shaw  (The Cats Eyes Man) 

Big Daddy (Shirley Crabtree)1930-1997

A popular wrestler, against one of his more regular opponents and sometimes tag team partner(Giant Haystacks).

Early textile manufacturer and respected community provider

Colonel Akroyd


Catherine Howe


(born 17 May 1950, Halifax, England) is an English singer-songwriter and author. She is an Ivor Novello Award winner.  


Dinah Connelly, an active suffragette fighter for women's rights.

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Donald John  A famous face in Halifax, Donald John was in the navy but allegedly turned to 'a man of the road' after he returned to find his wife had betrayed him. He is described by many as a pleasant man who enjoyed a drink.

Tabitha Bagnold 

Tabitha Bagnold may have been one of the best-known businesswoman in Halifax in her time, being the Postmistress for the town two centuries ago, a job she still held at the introduction of Uniform Penny Post in May 1840.

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Miriam Lightowler, The first Lady Mayor of Halifax

Wilfred Pickles, Radio and TV Celebrity

Henry Edwards -Conservative MP

Halifax Characters

Halifax People who have made their names in the outside world deserve their praise but not everybody gets the same opportunities in life and here are a few real local Halifax Character's, most of which shared struggles in life but are remembered just as well.

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