Halifax People Members

Halifax People Members

How to accumulate points

For all you budding  reporters, bloggers, photographers and adventurers, if you provide us with anything from the lists below

Your input will be judged and points awarded accordingly.

Please be aware of copyrights as we do not want to step on anyone's toes. Please do not send photos and articles that you do not own. 

Send all input to info@Halifaxpeople.com

On the following page we have devised a list of local pubs past and present.


  • 1 pointYou can gain a point for every pub you name that is not on the list (make sure it isn't included under an alternative name). 
  • 1 point You can gain a point for sending an up-to-date photo of any pub without one
  • 1-5 points You can gain up to 5 points if you send us your own historic photo of any pub in the list without one.

Send all input to info@Halifaxpeople.com

1-20 points each All our pages that are included in our History Tour welcome articles, photos, information and anything else you own that can enhance these pages will be awarded with points 


Send all input to info@Halifaxpeople.com

1-3 points Do you know of an event that could be added to our 'What's On' page? Let us know all the details in return for points.

1-3 points each Receive points for helping to update any of the local services and utilities information for each and any of the http://www.halifaxpeople.com/Halifax-Villages.html

1-5 points Each village page would welcome a photo that typifies the village and makes the page instantly recognisable to anyone local.

Also, you could add a report of an event (festival, sports event, function etc)

Send all input to info@Halifaxpeople.com

1-20 points Providing an article (present or historic) for any of our E-zines will also be rewarded with points


1-20 points How about adding something new or totally different but still relevant to Halifax? Or come up with a suggestion. Get points and climb the leaderboard ladder.

Send all input to info@Halifaxpeople.com

We are trying to attract more and more businesses so that we can all work together. This way we can all be successful.

When businesses provide prizes or pay to advertise on this website we can pass the prizes on to you using our points system and our online shop.

The more people we attract to this website means the advertisers are reaching their potential customers.

1-20 points We are always looking for businesses to work with us. If you own or know of anyone interested in advertising or donating prizes in exchange for free advertising, we can also arrange points for you for passing us the details.

Send all input to info@Halifaxpeople.com

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