Halifax Places

 Halifax Places

Halifax Zoo and Amusement Park

"HALIFAX ZOO! Most up-to-date amusement park in England!

Great attraction for Whit Monday and Tuesday! Admission 6d" This announcement on May 29, 1909, and much early publicity attracted 41,000 people to Chevinedge that Whit weekend.

North Bridge

The earliest record of a wooden bridge over the River Hebble is in 1277. A stone bridge recorded in 1719 collapsed on Rogation Day in April 1770 during a beating the bounds ceremony causing many injuries. Matthew Oates of Northowram began work on a new bridge in 1772, using stone from quarries in Crib Lane.

An amazing website here all about the Holdsworth's and Shaw Lodge Mills and the family's history and local influences.

Sunny Vale

(aka Sunny Buncers) -  was a very popular park and entertainment centre at one time

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Shibden Park

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Lilly Lane Leisure Gardens and Baths

Eureka is one of Halifax's most popular tourist attractions, but did you know that the same area was also attracting large numbers of visitors many years ago too?

Ogden Water

Always nice to escape the smoke and Ogden was ideal for a restful afternoon with a nice walk.

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Magna Via

From early times, the Magna Via, the ancient road from Wakefield, provided a main route into Halifax over Beacon Hill.

People's Park

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