Old Cock Yard, Cheapside, Russell Street

 Old Cock Yard, Cheapside, Russell Street

Old Cock Yard

Situated between Southgate Precinct and Commercial Street


Russell Street 

Situated between Northgate (top of Woolshops) and Southgate and leading up towards Cheapside

Wheatsheaf (far left), Saddle (central) and Duke of York (right)



Cheapside was frequently called 'Back Lane' until about 1829. It is called by its present name on Watsons plan in 1759 and Smeatons plan in 1761. Mr T.W.Hanson pointed out that it was named Cheapside when it became a shopping street and the shopkeeper preferred an urban rather than a rural address.

In 1839, the Post Office was at No.10 Cheapside, opposite the Golden Lion Inn. The town trustees, the forerunners of the Town Council, used to meet in a room at the corner of the Upper George Yard and they were appropriately named the "Back Lane Parliament".

Rose and Crown pub stood at the bottom of Cheapside


The Golden Lion's nickname became it's official name of the 'Brass Cat'


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