Halifax Diary - May 12th



In 1925, Henry Ling Roth died in a Leeds nursing home. 

He came to Halifax on business in 1888, working for various firms in the town.

He was part-time curator at Bankfield Museum [1890] / an accountant [1901] / an accountant for a sanitary engineering company [1911] / company secretary for the Automatic Standard Screw Company / full-time honorary curator at Bankfield Museum [1912].

He produced a number of handbooks for Bankfield Museum.He wrote many papers and books on local history, including

In 1893, he married Nancy Harriette Haigh [1861-19??] of Roubaix and Lightcliffe.

Children: Alfred Bernard [b 1899], George Kingsley [b 1903] who married [1937], Jane Frances Violet Coats of Paisley

The family lived at 32 Prescott Street, Halifax [1901] and Briarfield, Shibden [until 1919]

He had to retire through ill health and left the museum in March 1925. In June 1900 Roth was appointed honorary curator of the Bankfield Museum, Halifax, Yorkshire, then in a very run-down condition. Roth soon improved the museum, and in 1912 was appointed half-time keeper and later on he worked full-time on the museum.

In 1860, Charles Barry, died He was the architect of Halifax Town Hall, his last great work – and many other buildings including the Shaw Lodge mills of John Holdsworth & Company Ltd, the terrace at West View Park War Memorial, Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire, the Houses of Parliament with Pugin [1852], Pentonville Prison, the Reform Club in Pall Mall, and Trafalgar Square fountains. Barry died before seeing the completed Town Hall (or the Houses of Parliament), and his son – Edward Middleton Barry – completed the Halifax building and added a mansard roof


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