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Halifax Leaflet Distribution - A cheap and reliable leaflet distribution service


Halifaxpeople.com will also add every advertisement/flyer to our website pages

This is a new business designed to help public stay up to date with todays ever-changing world. We also intend to make every effort to be safe from Covid 19. Businesses, old and new, are having to change and diversify in order to fit into new rules and regulations.

As some businesses sadly have to close, others are introduced whilst having to adapt to situations and needs.

What if the leaflets are Covid 19 infected?

We realise that some people are worried that anything that enters their homes may be Covid 19 infected. Therefore, we take extra care to sanitise post and everything that we touch is done whilst wearing sanitised gloves.

What I really want people to appreciate is that people are not only fighting the virus, but are also desperate to earn a wage to survive financially. These are very difficult times for so many businesses.

We have no way of knowing how long Covid 19 will be around, so another way of protecting customers would be to advertise on this website. Read more


The following link is a suggestion for all your printing needs


Halifax Leaflet Distribution will start by following a route. This has two main benefits.

  1. Advertisers can choose which stage of our routes that they would like us to deliver to.
  2. Home owners on the route can opt-out if they choose to. 

We will also start by following a calendar format as follows. 

This will operate on a first come first served basis and the following is just an example of how the diary will be presented


6th September - 12th September


Starting at Grange Heights and continuing towards Halifax 

View the route and dates


Halifaxpeople leaflet A4 x 1,000


13th September - 19th September 


Starting at Woodside and continuing towards Queensbury

View the route and dates

Halifaxpeople leaflet A4 x 1,000


Business cards - £20 per 1000     or     £160 per 10,000 

A5 flyer - £35 per 1000     or     £280 per 10,000

A4 flyer - £50 per 1000     or     £400 per 10,000

Solus - area specific - £75 per 1000     or     £600 per 10,000

Inclusion on the Halifaxpeople.com pages -  £5 per small ad

Inclusion on the Halifaxpeople.com pages -  £10 per medium ad

Inclusion on the Halifaxpeople.com pages -  £25 per large ad

Visit the Halifaxpeople.com leaflet

Delivery instructions

Initially we will have one delivery gang following a route built in blocks of 1,000 properties. You choose the block you wish your leaflets to be delivered to. More gangs and more routes may be added when/if the demand grows.

We will always try to plan our route in plenty of time. This way, you will have time to order your printing and get it to us on time for when we are delivering in your required area.

We are not responsible for you getting the leaflets to us on time. We must keep to our route plans in order to keep a reliable calendar for everyone to follow.

Our deliveries are tracked by an app on the gangs phone which tracks their movement throughout their progress. This proof will be displayed on this page.

Whilst we are surveying our response to this service, we will not be offering a non-competitive rule. However, this may be introduced at a later date.

In order to keep our prices as affordable as possible, we will not necessarily deliver to all houses in any block. We will try to keep to groups of houses rather than travel out of our way down long drives or lanes for the odd house.

We will not deliver to houses where there appears to be a potential hazard e.g. an angry looking dog or aggressive looking person.

All your leaflets are always delivered. They are not thrown over some wall or hidden in a bin. 

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