Halifax Memories 38 - Lower Market


Demolished in 1970, this indoor market was only open on Thursdays and Fridays. In the 1950's and 60's the shops included a comic/book shop, pie n peas, jockey scales where the lady weighed young children and babies for a small fee, a butchers that sold offal, record stall, sock stall and a cafe


Known at the time as t'Low Market and regarded as entertaining for young children. Remembered for its spicy smells and brilliant flares lighting the stalls (no gas or electricity then).

First on the left in this timber framed market was the brazier where black puddings were being boiled in a copper pan, then the tripe stall and other offal. The tripe looked like a honeycomb. 

Then there was the second hand book stall which sold various comics too.


There was also a herbalist, a sweet shop where the man would add several different sweets(chocolate bars and toffees, a stick of rock etc) to a bag for four pence, a biscuit stall with broken biscuits sold cheap, a record shop which played music to attract you. There was also an oilcloth/material salesman, a pots and pans(hardware) shop and cheaper fruit and veg stalls. There was also a pork butchers, a cold battered fish stall, a wool/button shop and a toy stall(bottom left), a leather shop and an antique shop.


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