Halifax RSPCA

A Halifax branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (RSPCA) was established in 1880 in Harrison Road, then Weymouth Street, then Barum House at Barum Top in the 1930s before moving to Woolshops in 1938.

Barum House, Barum Top off Harrison Road

The old and new RSPCA buildings

There were several kennels and an exercise pound and by 1955 there was also a cat shelter. In 1963, they had built a newer building next door but eventually demolished the old building.

In this 1968 photo, the new RSPCA building is the square building near the bottom of Woolshops. 

In 1980, they were forced to move again due to the Woolshops re-development and moved the short distance to Wade Street in the new, purpose built RSPCA premises. 

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