Hebble Trail

The Hebble Trail

Although the early part of this walk is quite urban,  there is a story to consider with plenty of historic evidence of the early industrial requirements for this beck. The needs for a steady flow of water to turn the wheels of industry and then manoeuvre the finished products out of town to it's destination by canal.

The rest of the walk has been tastefully improved in recent years, specifically for the enjoyment of walkers and joggers. 


    • This walk is approx.  2 miles long
    • Time - Approx 20 mins
    • A small part of the walk might get fairly muddy at times
    • A steady and fairly flat walk 
    • Plenty of park and pay facilities around Eureka carpark
    • Pub stops - start at Ring O'Bells, Shears (Paris Gates), finish at Watermill

From the Halifax Minster main entrance (by the Ring O'Bells pub), walk down to the mini roundabout and keep to the right until you see the entrance to Mackintoshes

If you then keep to the right as you walk on the obvious path past the factory.

Keep to the path or you can take short detour to the left which takes you along an ancient cantilevered path before re-joining the main route again.

Pass the sign for Butterfly Meadow

The detoured path runs along the factory wall seen in the background

Cantilevered path which then re-joins the main route

High walls

Stay on the same path as you pass this tunnel on your right.

You reach a road. Follow it over the bridge and bend to the right so that the beck is now on your right.

From the bridge, this is a view to the left up the beck

and this is the view right (in the direction we are going)

Carry on this road to the end where you meet another road. Cross the road, down these steps and continue on the path

Enter the graffiti warehouse 

There is actually some talent on show here too - I guess if there is going to be any graffiti, this is as good a place as any

Exit the graffiti warehouse and continue on the path

Pass this bridge and old mill

Exit from the path (seen on the left, turn right and across this bridge, then turn left towards the  Shears Inn

Here you will see the Shears pub, keep on the cobbled road to the right of the Shears (unless you have another idea - wink wink)

Stay on this road until ----

you see this small path. Go down the path and ------

Cross this bridge and follow the road to the right. 

Join the next path which is facing you and is also sign-posted

You are now on the impressive and newly improved walkway/cycleway part of the trail.

The beck flows on the left of you

past Myrtle Cottage

Siddal Bottoms

Cross the cobbled road and back on to the path

Exit the path down and under the main road

Under the tunnel and -----

you are next to the Watermill Inn 

You have now reached Salterhebble basin

pdf file basic directions

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