Hemingways of Southowram

Hemingways of Southowram have been a name associated with the village for hundreds of years. One branch of the family lived at Hollins House for many years. This is 'their' family tree dating from John Hemingway who was born in 1786, to John Pickersgill (who provided us with most of this information and photos for us to share) .

Thank you John.

John Hemingway[1786-1857] aged 71 years

He was a stone merchant 

He married Unknown


  1. John (1819-1873) Stone merchant. Married Mary Anne Manks. 6 Children. Died 28th November 1873 Hanging
  2. Edward Born in Southowram. Was a linen draper. Married Martha Ann Keighley in 1840. Died 29th May 1890
  3. Mary Ann [b 1823] who married Thomas Wood [20th March 1858]
  4. Samuel [b 1826] who married Emma Elizabeth Wulard(not clear on name) at the Parish Church of Oundle, Northamptonshire by the Rev. Harper Hoare 27th April 1876
  5. Sarah Ann [b 1837]

The family lived at Valley Top, Southowram [1841, 1851].

John died 2nd March 1857.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £450.

The will was proved by his sons John & Edward

Why does it say ONLY DAUGHTER?

John Hemingway (1819-1873)

Born in Southowram. Died Tues 28th November 1873 - Instant

Stone Merchant employing 47 men and he was a farmer with 43 acres.

Married Mary Anne Manks  - Married in October 1860 (daughter of Riley Manks). Died 6th April 1903 aged 67years.


  1. John Riley [1861-died 22nd July 1932] Married Elizabeth? He died in Australia
  2. Louisa [b 1862 - died May 23rd 1931] Never married. Died suddenly at Sunnyside Hydro Institution, Southport
  3. Edward Manks  (1864 - 1921)  Bank clerk and Stockbroker. Never married. Died 20th July 1921 aged 57years. Strangled.
  4. Samuel Walter (1866-1914) Married 6. Alice Stancliffe Wilson 27th June 1905 at Coley Church. Died in Arcadia, Florida 27th August 1914
  5. Julia Mary [1868-29th March 1943] who was buried with her parents
  6. Gertrude Ruth [1870-13th April 1941] who was buried with her parents 

Tea at Hollins House - John Hemingway and Mary Ann (Manks) Hemingway with daughters sat either side - Louisa, Gertrude Ruth and Julia Mary Hemingway

This was Mary's brother and not Edward Manks Hemingway

On 28th October 1873, John committed suicide by hanging.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £200.

The will was proved by his widow Mary Anne, his brother Edward Manks Hemingway of Halifax (gentleman), and George Henry Manks of Elland (maltster-he died 6th Feb 1898). 

Mary Anne died 6th April 1903 (aged 67).

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £390 15/4d.

The will was proved by her son Edward Manks Hemingway

Members of the family were buried at St.Anne's, Southowram [Grave Ref: R-D3

The family lived at Hollins House, Southowram [Census 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1903].

In 1911, the unmarried sisters Louisa, Julia Mary and Gertrude Ruth were living with brother Edward Manks Hemingway at Hollins House.

Julia Mary Hemingway

Gertrude Ruth Hemingway

Louisa Hemingway 1914

Julia Mary Hemingway - Nov 1918

Gertrude Ruth Hemingway

20th July 1921 - Edward Manks Hemingway found strangled at Hollins House.

Not enough evidence to say how this came to be.

Samuel Walter Hemingway (1866-1914) Born in Southowram. Ironmonger

Married Alice Stancliffe Wilson 27th June 1905 at Coley Church (Daughter of Henry Wilson)

1 Son - Geoffrey Wilson Hemingway Born 14th November 1906

Lived at Rose Cottage, Brighouse, 2 Springfield, Hipperholme and Hollins House, Southowram

Samuel Walter & Alice Stancliffe Hemingway of Hollins House, Southowram (Samuel Water died in Arcadia, Florida on the 27th August 1914 where he is buried)

Samuel Walter Hemingway with his mother, Mary Manks at Hollins House

Samuel Walter Hemingway was an ironmonger [1891, 1901] / a gentleman (of private means) [1911].

He sailed from Liverpool, aboard the Cedric, and arrived at Ellis Island, New York [11th July 1914]. He sailed from Bayonne, New Jersey, aboard the SS Beachy, to Florida. Possibly, looking for work in America.

He died of pernicious anaemia at Dr J. A. Simmons Sanatorium, Arcadia, Florida [27th August 1914] (aged 48).

The informant was R. M. Lock, an Englishman who arrived in the US in 1892, and became a contractor for the railroad in Florida which was being built to Arcadia in 1910, and finally opened in 1915.  

Samuel Walter Hemingway's grave in Arcadia, Florida

Alice Wilson Hemingway and Geoffrey Wilson Hemingway in 1908

Alice Hemingway and her son Geoffrey Wilson Hemingway

Samuel is remembered on the family grave at St. Anne's Church Southowram [Grave Ref: R-D3]. Probate records show that he left effects valued at £259.

Administration was granted to his widow & his son. 

They lived at Rose Cottage, Brighouse 1907,

2 Springfield, Hipperholme 1911

Hollins House, Southowram 

Geoffrey Wilson Hemingway. Born 14th November 1906. Baptised at Southowram [5th March 1907]. Civil Servant. Died 8th May 1988).

He was a civil servant [1914] / a Post Office telephone representative [1939].

Married 4. Enid Turner at St. Jude's Church, Halifax - 23rd July 1933

Selby Jean (daughter)(1934- ) married John M. Pickersgill in 1954

Geoffrey Wilson Hemingway died at 55 Primrose Road, Holland-on-Sea, Essex [8th May 1988].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £152,127

Selby Jean (daughter)(1934- ) married  John M. Pickersgill in 1954

Selby Jean had MS from middle age

Son John Pickersgill

John Pickersgill