Ring O'Bells

Ring O'Bells


There is apparently a passage from the cellar to the church and there is also a gravestone in the cellar.

Here we can see the back of the pub

Ring o'Bells was built in the 13th or 15th century and was previously known as the 'Sign of the Church'. The building shown was the rebuilt building from 1720.

Often pubs with such a lovely name are for local bell ringers who have used it in the past. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include an old man seen sitting near the fireplace. Reports claim that to be associated in some way with a gravestone found in the cellars, which is inscribed with the name Priestley. Further, this old man has been held responsible for poltergeist activities, such as flicking light switches and turning on taps. It is also haunted by an old woman in old-fashioned dress who is surrounded by an odour of lavender.

A scene from when the houses were lived in, opposite a railway goods yard entrance.

These old houses were pulled down in the 1940s because the outer walls bulged - the bulge can be gauged from the fall-pipe between the doors. When the houses were built, they would have been near the top of Halifax, which was a large village in the valley bottom.


Today the pub car-park replaces the homes.

The Halifax Church Choir Practising at the 'Ring o' Bells' Inn

 Thomas Farrar (active 1796–1811), Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

A drawing of what is now the back of the pub but was once the main entrance

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