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Southowram-Scarecrow-Festival 2014


Programmes are now available from Matthews (Village News) and Sams stores (Bank Top) for £1. They will also be available from 9am all day at Marshalls West Lane car-park  Any visitors are requested to use this car park and not on the streets(follow car-park signs).

In the programme there is a section to vote for your favourite scarecrow. Please fill this in and return to either Matthews(village news) or Sams store (Bank Top) and the one with the most votes by 6pm will receive a prize although every scarecrow is regarded as

I suggest any scarecrows are displayed early Saturday morning (8am) until 8pm Sunday night. With the programme there is a map with red dots representing approximate locations of all registered scarecrows. I shall be coming around on Saturday morning to give each one a number and to take a photo for our webpage.

There are several events happening all weekend at various locations around the village. Please find details in the programme.

Raffle tickets will be available at Matthews, Sams and West Lane car-park and will be drawn at about 6pm on Sunday at the Cock and Bottle.

If you have any more questions please visit the facebook link below

SouthowramScarecrow Raffle winners

1959 Sue White - Bike
1802 Steve Mayfield - Mystery Hamper
1791 Sharon @Shoulder - Cheese/wine Hamper
412 L Clay - Moneybox Hamper...
591 Wayne Ashton - Beauty Mill Voucher
052 Hutchinson - Color Bar Voucher
1879 Tim/Dawn Cawood - Body Shop Gift set
0315 D Sykes@RingoBells - Games/Sweets Hamper
1945 Mary - Baylis/Hardys Gift set
1785 Dave Collins - Bathrobe Gift set
0334 Sarah Hepworth - Wine + Beer
1950 Phillipa - Wine + Beer
0286 Scott/Karla Clarke - Wine/Chocolates
0355 Sharon - Make up Hamper
0338 Margaret Parry - Mugs

Thank you all for your kind contributions.

Commitee formed from attendees. Thanks to all attendees

Chairman                               Gary Beaumont

Vice Chairman                           Jill Triller

Secretary                                 Caroline Hamer

Local Authority                          Tim Swift

Treasurer                                 Matthew Stansell

Programme/Printing                   Santo Bugito

Marketing                                Gary Beaumont

Raffle                                       Helen Verity

Community Centre Rep              Janis Gledhill

Cock & Bottle Rep                     Michael Cawood

Southowram WMC Rep              Elizabeth Garside

Constitution   Now published

Date of event- 12th + 13th July 

Theme   - Childrens TV Characters

Route - No route - A map will be provided with crosses representing scarecrow sites

Parking - Marshalls car park at West Lane is available for all parking

Charity - NSPCC plus Southowram Improvements.

Raffle -

All donated prizes please to Gary Beaumont


Please contact Gary Beaumont ( to sponsor the event and get your business promoted in the programme

Scarecrow Registration -

Please register your scarecrow site at one of the designated shops for a fee of £2 per scarecrow site (Chathas, Sams or Post Ofice (Matthews) Your site will then appear on the map in the programme.

There will be prizes for the best scarecrows

Things are taking shape but more offers of help are required. Raffle prizes and sponsorship deals are always very welcome.

Programme of Events

Saturday 12th July

Scarecrow Tour                     from 9am - 8pm

Community Centre                 Gala 11am - 2pm

                                 including tanks,face painting,t ombola, stocks, stalls, fire engine, police car, raffle, refreshments

Withinfields School                      School Gala from 1pm

St.Annes Church                          Tea and biscuits     

Southowram Social Club           Scarecrow Fancy Dress evening

Ingfield Farm Shop                            Barbeque

Sunday 13th July

Scarecrow Tour                              from 9am- 8pm

Community Centre                         Tea and biscuits

Cock and Bottle                              Band entertainment from 1pm

Southowram Scarecrow Festival

Minutes of meetings

Thurs 15th August 2013 @ Cock and Bottle, Southowram

Present: - Gary Beaumont, Sarah Hepworth, Carline Hamer, Tim Swift

Apologies: - Santo Bugito

Suggestion was made by Gary Beaumont about a village scarecrow festival and its feasibility.

A committee should be formed at next meeting.

A map of Southowram with a route(maybe two) should be decided.

Invite local companies to participate as a festival of events.

Advertise the next meeting on facebook


Thurs 19th September 2013 @ Southowram Social Club

Present: - Gary Beaumont, Margaret Parry, Caroline Hamer, Tim Swift, Sarah Hepworth, Elizabeth Garside, Mrs Chatha, Matthew Stansell, Jill Triller

Apologies: -  Santo Bugito

Committee formed

Chairman      Gary Beaumont

Vice Chairman    Jill Triller

Secretary       Caroline Hamer

Treasurer       Tim Swift

Local Authority    Tim Swift

Raffle               Margaret Parry

Programme/ Printing     Santo Bugito

Advertising/Marketing     Sarah Hepworth


Theme of Childrens TV characters was decided on. Suggestions for applying for grants were made. A constitution should be formed, Charities were suggested but no decision made, A facebook page suggested,  Route was provided and routes suggested but decided that scarecrows should be on a map with a cross for each scarecrow site.


Thurs  October 17th 2013  @ Cock and Bottle

Present: - Gary Beaumont, Margaret Parry, Chris Bingham, Jill Triller, Helen Verity, Carolyn Hamer

Apologies : - Tim Swift, Sarah Hepworth

Marshalls car park suggested for visitors cars and start point, Beacon Rangers approached to be involved, Cock and Bottle offered to put on live band entertainment, Marshalls confirmed car park available and to see them re sponsorship, constitution being formed (not confirmed), bank account needed, prices arranged for programme and sponsorship and raffle tickets, Date of event set as 12th and 13th July (week after Ramfest).

Thurs 21st November 2013 @ Southowram Social Club

Present : - Gary Beaumont, Jill Triller, Chris Bingham, Helen Verity, Sarah Hepworth

Apologies: - Tim Swift, Carolyn Hamer, Margaret Parry

Poster and leaflet designed, farmshop offered to do a Barbie, Community Centre offer to do gala same day, Still no response from school or church, Helen Verity added to committee as Risk Assessment and charity member. Margaret had to stand down as raffle organiser, Sarah offered to help with this as she markets sponsorship and Helen will organise the tickets . No grants or sponsorship until bank account is opened and cant do this as a large charity so we are going to open an account and register as a small charity

Thurs 9th January 2014 @ Cock and Bottle

Present : - Gary Beaumont, Carolyn Hamer, Chris Bingham, Janis Gledhill(Community Centre), Matthew Stansell, Sarah Hepworth, Helen Verity, Jill Triller

Apologies : - Tim Swift

Community centre offered to hold gala on the Sunday and coffee and cakes both days, Tim Swift to take care of council requirements, NSPCC and Southowram improvements will be this years beneficiaries, public liability will be sorted out and paid for shortly (keep track of this), Leaflets have arrived for delivery around village and spares to be placed in shops. Chris Bingham designed a Twitter page, Registration sheets and collection tins are now in the shops (Matthews, Sams and Chathas) £2 per site.

Monday 24th February 2014 @ Cock and Bottle

Present : - Gary Beaumont, Helen Verity, Jill Triller, Chris Bingham, Janis Gledhill

Apologies : - Sarah Hepworth, Caroline Hamer, Tim Swift

Matthew Stansell replaces Tim Swift as Treasurer, Need constitution, signed trustees and minutes of meetings for bank, meeting with Marshalls next Friday. Bank situation still to be sorted out,  Banners to be printed and permissions needed, Leaflet drop completed. Hog roast stand may be available all weekend (at own liability). Scarecrow-building class was suggested.

Tuesday 25th March 2014 @ Southowram Social Club 

Present :- Gary Beaumont, R Lawrence, Carolyn Hamer, Chris Bingham, Matthew Stansell, Elizabeth Garside. Tim Swift

Apologies from Helen Verity, Jill Triller

Grants are still being applied for. Suggested approaches to local papers, ad books and radio stations for advertising (to follow up). St.Annes doing their own mini scarecrow church tour. School confirmed gala on the Saturday(need details). Twenty four registered scarecrows.

Tuesday 22nd April 2014 @ Cock and Bottle

Present :- Gary Beaumont, Chris Bingham, Carolyn Hamer, Jill Triller, Elizabeth Garside, Helen Verity.

Raffle tickets are now ready to distribute. Cock and Bottle have now confirmed band(s). Social club having a scarecrow fancy dress on the Saturday night.  Sponsorship is coming in (still more to approach yet).  Banners are now in place at Marshalls and Marsh Lane.More fliers suggested to update everyone. Need to confirm all weekends activities for programme. Note Halifax pages need 4 months notice for ad.

Thursday 15th May 2014 @ Southowram Social Club 7.30


This is to benefit all of Southowram. So, please get involved in any way you can. It wont work without you.