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Annabel Colinger-Jones

by Annabel

Exley Arms

Exley Arms

I used to live here. The front main window was mine and my Sisters bedroom. The end room to the left was the pool room, or the Tap Room as it was called. To the rear of this was a small holding where we kept goats, ducks, sheep, chickens. It was a higgeldy piggeldy house. With really tiny rooms at each end of the building. I remember Joe from Emmerdale coming to open a huge Whisky bottle this was featured in the Courier. The kitchen upstairs was absolutely tiny and really not fit for purpose living there. I left there to move to Lincoln. I had some good memories there and if anyone knows Tim Crossley from Siddal, can you tell him I've been trying to make contact with him for years but can't find him anywhere!

I gather it's not there anymore which is a shame. I have some good memories of the Exley Park.

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