Hi. Sowerby Bridge is the birth place of my father, Harold Wilkinson. He took an apprentership at the age of 14 to his father, Joseph as a Whitesmith/Blacksmith in Sowerby Bridge. Harold attended the local school in this area and worked alongside his father until joining the forces in the First World War. I have visited the area some ten years ago and the building where they worked is long gone. However, the school is still there. Gone also are the Back to Back houses in Clough Terrace where my father was born. Now the area has been taken over by modern apartments. Although I have looked into my Ancestry I cannot find any living relatives of my father. I do know that No. 1 and 15 Bolton Brow is where my ancestors lived at one time or another but on my visit there we could not find these addresses.
Is there anyone that could help me.

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