Trend Of Things 10

Trend Of Things 10

Courier article Feb 21st 1958

Another terrible crash at Stump Cross

and another Stump Cross accident

On June 5th 1956, this Halifax Corporation bus left Godley Lane just above Stump Cross and toppled right down the embankment.

The bus had been returning to Halifax and had negotiated the bend by the former Museum pub when it met up with a gulley cleaner right in front of it and going very slowly. To avoid hitting the cleaner, the driver swerved to the right, crossed the road and went straight through the low wall at the side of the road and down the 70 foot, 1 in 2 embankment to the position we see it in here.

Fortunately (and amazingly) no one was killed or badly injured. The conductor managed to leap off the platform at the back of bus before it went down the hill and everyone else was just very lucky.

The big problem for the bus garage people was, of course, pulling the AEC Regent bus back to the road and getting it back to Skircoat Garage. I bet they had fun!

This photo was in the Courier afterwards but this version comes from the book 'Steel Wheels and Rubber Tyres' by Geoffrey Hilditch (pub. Oakwood Press) who was Halifax Corporation's Passenger Transport General Manager at the time.

Tony Martin

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