Halifax Diary - February 3rd

In 1976, Alan Ball was appointed manager of Halifax Town


Photo taken on this day 1961.

We're at the bottom of Nursry Lane on the junction with Ovenden Road.I Interestingly, not a lot has changled in this view. Halifax town centre is off to the right and Sod House Green going down to Shay Lane is just out of sight on the left.


Thanks to Tony Martin

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In 1954, Councillors decided that a paddling pool and playground was to be provided at Manor Heath



A Calderdale Diary


Black Swan - now Millers Bar

In 1935, Mr John Henry Whitley(1866-1935), former speaker and M.P. for Halifax for 28 years died. He retired on June 2nd, 1928.

He was an important local figure, and did much work with children, setting up education classes and holiday camps for poor children. A school at Holmfield was named after him.


In 1931, police took action against Halifax Borough Club and King Cross Constitutional Club for the unlawful consumption of liquor.


In 1924, Edward Palmer Thompson(1924-1993) was born. He lived at Holly Bank, Siddal.

His book "The Making of the English Working Class" remains one of the most important works of social history ever written.


In 1896, Elland Council offices opened


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In 1857, there was an explosion at a colliery in Wyke that killed 4 men.

In 1846, Stansfield Mill in Triangle had a fire.


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