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Focus on People's Park

The public park was built for Sir Francis Crossley and opened in 1857

The Park was designed by Joseph Paxton and Edward Milner. It stands across the road from the Crossley's Belle Vue home It covers an area of 12½ acres which were previously 5 fields. It was built at a cost of £50,000.

It opened on Friday, 14th August 1857. The day was declared a public holiday for the town. Mrs Sunderland sang at the opening ceremony. At the ceremony, Crossley was given a book containing the address which he mentions in his will

On 13th August 1858, after being open for 1 year, the Park was transferred to Halifax Corporation.

Two large cannons captured at the Battle of Sebastopol [1855] in the Crimean War were placed in the Park in 18??. These were sold for scrap in 1947.

In March 1872, shortly after Crossley's death, Halifax Town Council resolved that a granite pillar or slab should be erected in the Park, on which should be recorded the date of its opening, and also the time when the late Sir Francis Crossley presented 6,000 guineas for its endowment.

The Old Men's Parliament which stood in the Park was demolished in the 1960s.

In 1997, the Council received a £1,000,000 grant from the National Lottery, and other sums from English Heritage and Calderdale College, to restore the Park.

The refurbished Park was opened by Mayor Patrick Phillips on 20th September 2002, and Lord and Lady Somerleyton were guests at the ceremony.

The Park is popular with the local Asian community, and the council are attempting to encourage others to use the facility.

The Park and the buildings in Park Road are listed

Thanks to Malcolm Bull's website for the details

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Diary of Events

26th 1924  Hebden Bridge Trades Club opened

26th 1960  Gaumont Cinema closed

Picture Quiz

The Halifax Evening Courier ran a column for many years called 'The Trend of Things' where they printed a local photograph which was often poor quality. See if you can recognise these places.

Name these 4 places

Yesterday's Answers

Staups can be seen in the centre of the bottom row of houses on the left

Godley Bridge

I'll Have A Pint

Union Cross

Union Cross, 15 Old Market.

Originally called The Crosse Inn because it stood opposite the old market cross.

Recorded in 1535, this is the oldest inn in Halifax and stands in Old Market on the site of the old town market.

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