Historic Bradshaw

Historic Bradshaw pictures to bring back some memories of the school, mill, houses and farms etc. Our tour starts at Illingworth Road and up Riley Lane then continues through the village towards the Raggalds. We then return to Bradshaw School to view up Ingham Lane and then back up Pavement Lane towards Keighley Road.

St John the Evangelist Church with the cenotaph in the foreground. I was a cub, then a scout and also in the choir here in 1976.

Horton Place with the last house also being the Post Office and tuck shop. The school is just beyond these houses.

Click here for a page on Bradshaw Primary School

Co-operative Mills . I think that was the chimney that I saw fall when it was demolished. I was in the school playground and it would have been around 1976.


Bradshaw Methodist Church 

Right at the top of Bradshaw used to stand the Fieldings' White Castle Brewery.


A view from the top of Bradshaw


Grey Horse- Perseverence Road 

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