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Who remembers Farmfreeze the freezer food shop/ butchers/ garden centre - up Ingham Lane? I am sure there are lots of you actually, but do you remember the penguins or the tiger(or was it a lioness?) which was, on occasions, allowed to roam around the freezer shop. Has anyone any pictures?

My first job after leaving school was working there as an apprentice butcher /stock filler/ gardeners assistant/ muck out the horses/ penguins and anything else that needed doing even babysitting on occasion for the owner, Stuart Robertshaw.

I have a vivid memory from one day in the middle of summer when I was asked to do a stock-take in one of the large freezer/containers. These were about -30 degrees and you had to come out frequently just to get feeling back in your fingers and toes. The manager, Walter Watmough, then arrived from wherever he had been to. I am not sure if he realised what job I had just done but he gave me the job of watering the plants in the greenhouse next. The temperature in the greenhouse must have been over 100 degrees. I nearly passed out that day, as you can imagine. It's a memory that I have stuck with. Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining, I enjoyed the variety of the job, but I do remember that day.

What other animal attractions did they have there?

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