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Commercial Road, which is now called Mount Pleasant Avenue


Pellon Lane Boarding School

Commercial Road


Fletchers on Raglan Street

Raglan Street

Raglan Street


Baker Street

Crossley Terrace celebrate the end of the war in 1945

Chaffer's Court. In the background are stables and storage sheds round on Back Baker Street.

Shop at bottom of Taylor Street

Bottom of Taylor Street again

Bottom of Taylor Street

Albion Inn

This was the HQ of the St John's Veterans' Association of which my Grandad was a member (he's on the back row marked by a cross).

As you can see the main building was an old (?ex-War Department) Nissen hut that arrived around 1952 I think. Then a year or two later, at the back (out of sight here) the lower deck of an old Halifax Corporation tram was attached to give even more room for the interminable games of dominoes and cards they played while waiting for the Albion, just across the road as you say Graham Bedford, to open.

Written by Tony Martin

Crossley Street - Pellon Lane


Miall Street Mills - The centre building was once known as the home of the 'Sell It Centre'.

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