John-Mackintosh 1891-1964

His story began in 1891 when John Mackintosh invented a new recipe for toffee, which was sold by him and his wife Violet from their pastry shop in the town. Soon the name of Mackintosh's toffee became popular and by 1896, new flavours had joined his original culinary creation of toffee deluxe – including creamery toffee, Yorkshire dairy, Yorkshire buttercups, aniseed toffee and egg and milk toffee.

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Mackintosh's Almshouses opposite Halifax Orphanage (Crossley Heath School)

Here you will find the official website with the story of how Mackintosh's began, old adverts and much more so

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The original shop on King Cross Street

Mackintoshes on Queens Road

The watch presented to my great-grandad in 1935 for 26 years service.

Mackintosh's entrance to the building that used to belong to the Halifax Flour Society.

Lilly Lane would have been the route down to Mackintoshes for many workers

More facts about John Mackintosh from Malcolm Bulls pages


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