Photo Quiz 1-13

Photo Quiz    (Extremely difficult)

In 1924, the Courier held a photo quiz competition. The reader had to guess the whereabouts of the photos. Over 95 years later, some of the places are still recognisable but you will definitely need help recognising others and there are some that I wouldn't expect anyone to get. 

I have posted all 52 photos and given some clues to the more difficult questions. See how many you can get right. 

Now, of course I don't expect anyone to get many of these photos correct, even if it is your own home in some cases, but the fact that the public were expected to guess them is amusing. Also, there are some photos of interest too and even some that you will recognise.

Photo 1. Name the street.

For Clues and Answers Click here

Photo 2. Name the house

Photo 3.  A Bridge name

Photo 4. Name the street

Photo 5. Which School Entrance

Photo 6. Name the street

Photo 7. Name the lane

Photo 8. Name the area.

Photo 9. Name the Yard

Photo 10. Name the Farm

Photo 11. Name the Square

Photo 12.

Photo 13.

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