Photo Quiz Answers 1-13

Photo Quiz 1924.  Clues and Answers


Photo 1. Top end of town

Photo 2. Somewhere between Copley, Saville Park and Pye Nest 

Photo 3. A flowery lane

Photo 4. Lower Skircoat

Photo 5. Close to town

Photo 6. Back of a doctors surgery

Photo 7. The army went left (cryptic)

Photo 8. Pass this on your way for a bath

Photo 9. It is off New Road.

Photo 10. Shibden Valley

Photo 11. It makes the news in the City

Photo 12. Northowram

Photo 13. Southowram Bank


Answer 1. 

Bottom of Mount Street, Cow Green. In between Lister Lane and Gibbet Street, looking down towards town.

View of Cow Green and Barum Top

Answer 2.

Upper Woodhouse Farm, Half way on  Scarr Bottom Road (bottom side).

Answer 3.

Lilly Lane Bridge. This still exists.

One of the easier ones in this list.

Answer 4.

Cow Lane, Lower Skircoat. Just off Copley Lane.

Go to the top of the class if you got this one correct. I think the correct view would be taken from the rear of the car on the left (but still not sure).

Answer 5.

Bluecoats School, Harrison Road

Answer 6.

Sovereign Street off Stead Street, off Gibbet Street. Back of Lister Lane Surgery. This took some finding.

Answer 7.

High Grove Lane off Trooper Lane, towards Southowram.

The shape of the thinner line of cobbles seems to match but I wasn't aware of any houses on that side of the lane.

Answer 8.

Ashworths' Buildings off Lilly Lane.

This is where 'Eureka' stands today.

I did say this was a difficult quiz.

Answer 9.

Brocklyn's Yard off New Road.

Anyone get that?

Answer 10.

Lower Whiskers Farm, Shibden.

This could be the farm in question(centre), viewed from Brow Lane.

Answer 11.

Fleet Square, off Fleet Street in "The City".

This would be near the top of Crossfields Bus Station was and where the Jobcentre is now.

Answer 12.

Landemere Syke, Northowram

Answer 13.

Entrance to Blaithroyd Farm, Southowram.

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