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Cock and Bottle, 1 Common Lane, Southowram


This is the Cock and Bottle which was originally built in 1645, once a Whittaker's pub (in 1903) but became a free house when local builders 'Cawoods' saved it from closure in 2010 .


The name is thought to have not come from the bird version of 'Cock' but the fact that there was an option of pouring the beer from a cock, 'a cock being like a tap on a barrel' or getting the beer from a bottle.

The outer wall of the toilet area, on the Common Lane side, consists of just one large slab of stone.

There used to be a butchers (Mortons) where the car park is now which were renowned for it's pork pies. 


As you can see in the 2nd photo,  on the other side of the pub was a shop called 'The Wee Shop' by the locals, due to its size.

We will stand outside this shop (now a hairdressers), for our next page.

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