Three and A Half Men Band (UK)

by Three and A Half Men
(Halifax, West Yorkshire (UK()

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Rock and Roll stars

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Three and A Half Men

Three and A Half Men are a Rock and Pop party band from Halifax, West Yorkshire (UK). Formed in 2011, the band performs pub gigs, weddings, anniversary parties, charity events, leaving parties, birthday parties and so on.
Three and A Half Men perform a variety of classic songs: rock and roll, classic rock, punk, dance and more.

The band’s rock repertoire ranges from the music of the 60s to that of the modern day with popular songs everyone will know and enjoy. If you can’t sing or dance along to the songs, we won’t play them.

The members of the band are singer/ frontman Martin Reppion, lead guitarist Alan Veal, drummer Tom Veal and bassist Neil Appleton.

If you would like to book Three and A Half Men for a gig please call:

Alan: 07870 805983
Rep: 07971 425489
Neil: 07816 522235
Tom: 07495540945

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