Calder and Hebble Navigation

The Calder and Hebble Navigation was originally designed by John Smeaton and then completed by James Brindlay. It runs from the Wakefield section of the Aire and Calder, and travels west to Sowerby Bridge and is 24 miles long. The concept around building the canal was discussed and passed as long ago as 1758. 

The Halifax Arm

These pages are meant to be read along with the Hebble Trail to get a feeling of history which can be appreciated when you walk the trail.

  1. The Halifax Arm - Part One 
  2. The Halifax Arm - Part Two

I would like to show you an amazing collection of walks, photographs, stories and history all about this beautiful and interesting part of our landscape.

  1. Brighouse to Salterhebble
  2. The Hebble trail - From Halifax Train Station to the Salterhebble basin. A casual walk along the trail. To appreciate the history of the area, read Calder and Hebble - The Halifax Arm too
  3. Salterhebble to Sowerby Bridge
  4. Sowerby Bridge to Hebden Bridge

Watch Calder/Hebble Canal - Freezing and Flooding online - BFI Player

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