Halifax Diary - February 4th

In 1975, Joseph Liley died. He was managing director of Liley's (Halifax) Limited pram shop. He was Liberal Councillor for Pellon, and Mayor of Halifax [1969-1970].

In 1931, he married Irene Armitage in Halifax.


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As the caption says, this one was taken on February 4th 1965 . It’s Meadow Lane at Wheatley, just off City Lane and leading through to Meadow Drive and Long Lane on the way out to Mixenden. The photo is one of the original group of former Courier pictures (I think) which was used by Johnny Meynell when he originally set up his Facebook page.

I’ve tried to do a bit of research to discover when these houses were first built but, so far, without success. Certainly, the Ordnance Survey map for 1948 shows that the area was just fields. 

My own first memory of the Meadow Lane area comes from around 1958, when a few of us wandered across the Carriage Drive from Pellon Lane and explored down Brackenbed Lane. We found this area of what appeared to be brand new, ultra-luxurious houses. Living, as we did, on the streets of back-to-back houses in Pellon Lane, we’d never seen anything like these posh houses and we were tremendously impressed. I remember, after we trudged back over the Carriage Drive, telling my Mum about the luxury we’d found just about a mile and a half away from our outside toilet and our washing hanging across the street to dry.

Tony Martin


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In 1939, an underground first-aid post was to be established at Woolshops.

In 1931, there was a smallpox epidemic in Queensbury

In 1928, a new nurses home opened in Egremont Terrace, Sowerby New Road

In 1926, the mayor of Halifax called for the enlargement of the Town HAll or the building of a new one.


The building on the left, on Union Street was the Town Hall

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In 1925, there was a serious fire at Paton and Baldwins, Clarkesbridge


In 1918, a National Kitchen was opened at Sowerby Bridge baths. This was to help in the food crisis by providing cheap meals. The pool was covered by a wooden floor. The menu included vegetable soup and bread plus rice pudding or boiled pudding.


In 1907, a Traders' Association was formed at King Cross


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