Halifax Memories 11 - Halifax Postcards

Halifax Postcards is a collection of views of our town that were printed when it was common to send a postcard to friends and family whenever you were away from home (long before mobile phones took over).

A collection of the best of local countryside water scenes made a great postcard

We have always been blessed with some marvellous scenery in Halifax

It's sometimes difficult to see the thought process on which pictures were chosen on some of the postcards. Here we have four town centre scenes surrounding a park that had nothing in common with the other views.

This is a much more obvious set of views to put together

Another obvious collection. Clay House in West Vale

Old views of the Parish Church, Bull Green and the Calder Valley

It's very interesting to compare the views since these pictures were taken


John Blagborough

Old postcards and photographs are great for us to see everyday life as it used to be.

It seems the same views were arranged differently on various postcards


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