Halifax Memories 28
Off The Web

Halifax Memories 28

Off The Web

I have spent endless hours just following interesting websites that link to more pages and more until the initial subject I was following becomes a totally different subject. However, during my searches I have saved (and shared here) several Halifax based websites to my 'favourites' list so that I can return to them at a later date. I hope you will enjoy many of these as much as I did.

A popular history of Heath Grammar School - a full insight into the history of the school. Full book by Thomas Cox

A selection of historic Halifax films

Watch this town

It started with wool


Various video footage of Halifax in the 50s and 60s

View here

Milltown Memories

One of my favourite website finds. An amazing collection of stories and photographs of the  Upper Calder Valley

Read More

Truck Central - On the Buses

An ex bus driver looks back at life on the Halifax buses

Read more

Haunts of the Halifax Slasher
A walk through hysteria and violence in a Pennine milltown

Read more

The Elland Feud

A feud between: the Plantagenet family of the honour of Pontefract and the  Plantagenet-Warrene  family of  the manor of Wakefield, Conisbrough and Lewes.

Read more

News From Nowhere are the random blog pages of one of our past contributors to this website - Alan Burnett

Story and pictures of when the

World war II bomb lands on Halifax

A fascinating look at the Industrial heritage of Calderdale by Martin Roe.

This website goes into some detail about different local trades in their prime

This website would love to be the best at everything we do but sometimes we have to hold our hands up and surrender. Whilst we have several pages about historic Halifax subjects, we don't have the photograph collection as good as the website here. Fortunately we DO have the permission to use his photographs. Thank you for that Malcolm Bull

Malcolm Bulls Calderdale Companion

Chris Helme is probably the man to ask when it comes to Brighouse and the surrounding areas. Here is a fantastic read by a great writer and story-teller with photographs to match.

Wellholme Park History Project

Urban photographers made this wonderful page about the old Dorlux Bed Factory site

When it comes to a 'night out in Halifax' there can be few venues, if any, that provide variety and quality entertainment to equal that at the Square Chapel.

The following link is a wildlife blog which consists of some fantastic pictures and descriptions catalogued in a diary format by some passionate wildlife enthusiasts.


An interesting website that is dedicated to the workers of Websters Fountain Head Brewery which is sadly, now no more, and the following photographic record exists as a reminder of how things were in the Breweries lead up to it's closure with the loss of 400 jobs in 1996


'Where is Halifax West Yorkshire?' is a simple but pleasant video tour of Halifax Town Centre.

An article with pictures of Halifax Workhouses and details of the lifes of the people that worked there.


A carefully assembled collection of old music haunts that many popular bands of the time would frequent. Put together by an ex-Halifax promoter and a local author


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