Historic Claremount

Historic Claremount photos, Horley Green and New Bank

As we come along North Bridge the sights facing us were grim.

Looking up towards Claremount

At the end of North Bridge we can get to Claremount up New Bank. The road to the right went to Charlestown and the road to the left went up Haley Hill to Boothtown

Great Northern Hotel taken from the end of North Bridge

Looking up towards Claremount from Dean Clough

In the distance was Claremount (taken before Burdock Way was built)

Fairview Terrace

Rising towards Godley

Prospect Street

Which Claremount Street?

Claremount Inn on St.Thomas's Street, between Earl Street and Dover Street.

Opened in 1875 and closed on 14th January 1969.

Brickmakers Arms known as 'the coffin'


St.Thomas's Church (right)

Horley Green

Horley Green was the area that went around the back of Claremount

Sour Milk Hall