Halifax Diary Of Events

Halifax Diary Of Events 


6th       1960    Corporation to buy Victoria Hall

11th    1923    Amalgamation of Sowerby Bridge, Sowerby and Norland

21st      1941   Heavy fire damage at Elland Dyeing Company works

23rd     1964   Modernised New Victoria (formerly Victoria Hall) opened by Viscount Mackintosh

29th       1924    Ministry of Health inquiry into Sunday music in People's Park


2nd       1935   Death of JH Whitley

6th        1947   Poll on opening Sunday cinemas (9935 for and 8349 against)


5th        1947   Paton and Baldwin presented Spring Hall to the town

11th      1931   Opening of Alexandra Hall

12th      1925    Maternity Ward at Royal Halifax Infirmary opened by Princess Mary

21st/22nd    1948   Halifax civic centenary celebrations

31st      1932   First publication of 'Inheritance' by Dr Phyllis Bentley

31st     1958   Prime Minister (Mr Harold Macmillan) at Victoria Hall


11th     1961   First meeting of Calderdale Water Board

19th     1952   Closing of St James's Church and amalgamation with St Mary's

21st      1936   Several people killed after runaway lorry crash at Greetland hill bottom

23rd     1961   Opening of Elland Power Station

25th    1964   First multi-storey flats opened in Great Albion Street

26th     1930    Last meeting of Halifax Board of Guardians


1st       1959   Last passing out parade at Wellesley Barracks

2nd     1958   Opening of Quarry House Special School, Northowram

3rd      1952    Mr Arthur Ellis of Halifax refereed Cup Final at Wembley

3rd      1957   Gift to National Trust of woodlands at Hardcastle Craggs in will of Mr Abraham Gibson

3rd      1957   Baitings Reservoir opened

5th      1959   Opening of Technical High School and Ash Tree Infants School

7th      1958    Halifax Council approved Wheatley Valley Development plan

8th       1945    VE Day dancing in Halifax streets

13th    1942   Death of Sir Enoch Hill

21st     1955   Last passenger train on Halifax-Queensbury line

23rd    1960   Opening of High Royd Sewerage Disposal Works, Sowerby Bridge

25th    1956   Closing of Grand Theatre


2nd      1928    JH Whitley MP for Halifax and Speaker at the House of Commons announced his retirement

2nd      1931    Opening of Prince's Arcade

5th      1958    Demolition of Manor Heath Mansion

16th    1962   Halifax one of a few towns with subscriber trunk dialling  system

26th     1937    New Children's Holiday home opened in Norland

26th     1981   Asda Superstore had a huge blaze at the 5 storey Battinson Road Mills, Pellon. As 140 firemen fought to contain the blaze, the roof collapsed sending a huge fireball into the night sky.

27th     1938    Opening of Halifax Odeon, Crossfield ( It had 2050 seats and charged between 6d (2.5p) and 1s 6d (7.5p). Three month later, the Regal opened in Wards End)

29th     1954   Freedom of the town for Viscount Mackintosh


6th       1950   Halifax Sunday Lecture Society disbanded after 55 years

7th       1922   Mr J.W Standeven gave Ebeneezer Methodist Church as a           memorial to his mother

13th     1931    Prince George visited Halifax 

14th     1945    First Halifax Wakes in July

30th     1940   Mayor of Halifax(Ald. G.Barker) died at Crossley and Porter School's Speech Day


1st       1953     Plans announced for new Elland Power Station    

5th       1948     Lord Savile gave 250 acres of woodland to National Trust

6th      1955      Ogden moors fire after driest year on record

10th     1963   Halifax Show held on Savile Park for first time

15th     1944     First Halifax and District Agricultural Show at Shibden Park

15th    1958     Bluecoat School, Harrison Road to close

21st     1921     Cragg Hall destroyed by fire

22nd   1950     Miss Eileen Fenton, teacher at Princess Mary's High School, swam the channel

24th    1954     Opening  Crossfields Bus Station

27th   1964   


12th     1943     Death of Mr A.W Longbottom, Halifax's first Labour mayor and M.P for Halifax

16th     1949     Two killed when plane crashed at Blakedean

16th     1952     Bishop of Leeds opened St Malachy's Roman Catholic Church

19th     1938     Opening of Regal Cinema

20th     1946     Heavy rain caused worst flooding's in memory along Calder Valley and relief funds opened

21st     1927     Formation of Halifax Building Society through merger of Permanent and Equitable

21st     1931    Princess Mary opened Halifax Girl's School

22nd   1951     Duke of Wellington's Regiment Memorial Chapel dedicated at Halifax Parish Church

23rd     1929    'Talkies' first shown in Halifax

25th     1957    New building of Percival Whitley College opened by Sir John Wolfenden

26th     1954     Serbian Orthodox Church at Claremount Road was opened by ex-King Peter of Yugoslavia

27th    1958     Opening of  Scaitcliffe School, Todmorden by Dr. Phyllis Bentley

28th     1945    Patons and Baldwins announce plans for Darlington factory - closing Halifax mill


1st     1963   Central development plan announced for Elland

12th    1933     Death of Mr John Lister of Shibden Hall

13th    1942     28 Acres of Savile Park ploughed up for food production

15th    1926     Shibden Park opened by Prince of Wales

20th    1937    King and Queen visited Halifax

25th    1937    Opening of Ovenden Senior School

28th    1925     General Bramwell Booth, Mr R.D Ward and Mr Joseph Whitaker made freemen of Halifax


6th     1960   Halifax Gaumont to close

9th     1934   Alder Mrs M Lightowler OBE

15th   1961   Princess Royal opened Meredith and Drew, Ovenden

18th   1931   Opening of Queensbury Catholic Church JP became first woman mayor of Halifax

19th   1927   St Pauls Sunday School, King Cross opened

22nd  1940   Bomb fell on Hanson Lane - 11 killed

27th   1957   Opening of Brighouse Corporation's Badger Hill Reservoir

28th   1938   Scotland Yard called in during Halifax 'Slasher' scare


7th    1961    Halifax Council approve new £400,000 housing programme

14th   1957   Bishop of Leeds opened St Thomas Moore Roman Catholic Secondary School, Holmfield

23rd   1944   V-Bomb fell at Hubberton, Sowerby