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Pack Horse - Charlestown

Pack Horse - Caine Lane, Southowram

Pack Horse - Todmorden

Painter's Arms - St James's Road

Landlord Sutcliffe Rushworth lost his license for running a badly conducted house in 1869

Palins - Halifax (aka The Princess Ballroom)

Park Hotel Beerhouse - West Parade, Halifax

Parker's Hotel - King Street/Bradford Road, Brighouse

Where? - Tate's corner, above Parker's Café

Patmos - Burnley Road, Todmorden

Peacock - 2 Union Street/42 Market Street/Albion Street, Halifax (demolished in 1894 and rebuilt as part of the market in 1898. Closed in 1961)

Fact - later became Daily Tailors, Bradleys Records and a jewellers

Where? Corner of Albion Street/Market Street

(The) Peacock - Cote Hill Road, Warley HX2 7LZ

Peacock - York Street, Todmorden

Pear Inn - 22 Sowerby Street, Sowerby Bridge (closed in 1927)

(The) Pear Tree - Station Road, Norwood Green HX3 8QD   Phone: 01274676036

Peat Pitts - Keighley Road, Ogden

Fact - aka 'Peach Pitts Inn' and became 'The Moorlands'

Peeping Tom - 550 Burnley Road, Cornholme (built in 1840's)

Fact - became the 'Staff of Life'

Percy Shaw - Broad Street Plaza, Broad Street Halifax HX1 1YA    01422 339500


Pick and Cratch - Clifton

On the site of the Post Office/Industrial Society


The site of the Pick and Cratch (not this building)

Pigeons - 58 Northgate, Halifax (see Three Pigeons)

Pig's Eye - Copper Street, Halifax (opened in 1838 and closed in 1920)

Pineapple Hotel -  2 New Bank, Charlestown Road, North Bridge, Halifax

(Built similar time as the new North Bridge in 1771. Closed in 1903 and demolished in 1968) at Charlestown end of North Bridge.

Fact - originally called 'New North Bridge Inn' and changed to Pine Apple Hotel in 1779.


Pineapple Hotel.A highly distinctive pub which dated back to the late 18th century. It was at the junction of New Bank and Charlestown Road. It's name may stem from the fact that at one time there was an extensive pleasure garden in this area.
Taken from Flashback-Evening Courier

See Featured Article on Pineapple Hotel

Pineberry - Queensberry

Pineberry Hill Tavern - 34 Pineberry Hill, Old Bank, Southowram


Pineberry Tavern on the left


Pitchers Bar - Georges Square, Halifax (aka Griffs aka Griffin - see Bow Legged with Brass)

Platform - Halifax

Fact - now Three Monkeys Wine Bar

Plebeian's Jazz Club - Halifax

Where? Down some steps to the side of the Upper George Yard

Fact - aka 'Plebs' and then later 'The Stop Spot'


Portman and Pickles - Market Street, Halifax

Fact - aka Wheatsheaf,  aka William Deighton (See Jubilee)

Pot O' Four - Cow Green, Halifax

Fact - now a Thai restaurant

Poultry Dealers Arms - Kitson Wood Road, Lydgate, Todmorden

Fact - aka the 'Poults'. Now housing

Prescott Arms - 13/14 Gaol Lane, Halifax (Closed in 1908)

Pressers Arms - Shaw Hill, Halifax

Pressers Arms - 82 Huddersfield Road/2 South Lane, Elland HX5 0HG

Prince Albert - 17 St Martins View, Waring Green, Brighouse HD6 2AZ

Fact - aka 'Pop Inn'

Prince Albert - 59 Commercial Street, Brighouse

Where? - Down a passage by where Fawcetts/Merry England is now

Prince Albert Hotel - 5 New Street, Brighouse (closed in 2001)

Prince Blucher - 20 Church Street, Halifax (opened in 1785 and closed in 1927)

Prince of Orange - Carr House Road, Shelf HX3 7RJ

Prince of Orange - Halifax Road, Ripponden

Fact - aka 'Stansfeld Arms' , 'Prince William' and became 'Queen Hotel'

Prince of Wales - 1 Wood Street North/Mill Lane, Boothtown (opened in 1899 and closed in 1968)

Prince of Wales - 71 Haley Hill, Boothtown (opened in 1875 and closed in 1913)

Fact - see 'Mount Tavern'

Prince of Wales - 34 Bethel Street, Brighouse

Fact - previously named the 'Tap and Spile' and 'The Old Ship' and 'The Battleship' . Rebuilt with wood from the HMS Donegal battleship. Now called 'The Ship'

Prince of Wales - 99 Gibbet Street/Rhodes Street, Halifax (built in 1863)

Prince of Wales - 33 Salterhebble Hill, Salterhebble (opened in 1897 and closed in 1962)

Prince of Wales - 20/22 Stainland Road, West Vale (opened in 1919 and closed in 1937)

Prince of Wales's Feathers - 5 Cow Green, Halifax (closed in 1920)

Prince of Wales's Feathers - 263 King Cross Road, King Cross (See Feathers)

Prince William - Ripponden (see 'Queen Hotel')

Prospect Inn - Range Bank, Prospect Street, Claremount (see the 'New Prospect Inn')

Prospect - 1 Wakefield Road, Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge

Fact - Now a vets

photo by Nick Lambert

Puff Inn - New Hey Road, Rastrick (see 'The New Spitfire')

Pump Room - New Road, Halifax (demolished in 2016)

Fact - formerly the 'Druids Arms'

Pump Room II - Bull Close Lane HX1 2EF   Phone: 01422353620 Fact - micropub

Punch Bowl - 635 Bradford Road, Bailiff Bridge (Closed in 2011)

Fact - aka 'The Bailiff Bridge Inn'

Punch Bowl - Ploughcroft/Booth Bank, Boothtown (closed in 1957)

Punch BowlExley Bank/ Huddersfield Road, Salterhebble


Feature page >>>>>>

Punch Bowl - Saville Green

Puzzle Hall - 21 Hollins Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge

Fact - also a brewery

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