Halifax Pubs Past and Present Sn

Halifax Pubs Past and Present Sn

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Sour Milk Hall - 14/16 Horley Green Road/Miles Street

Sourhall - Parkin Lane, Todmorden

Fact -previously Dog and Partridge

Southowram Social Club - got old pic

South Ward Club

Sovereign - 16 Charlestown Road (opened in 1867 and closed in 1910)

Sowerby Taps - 17 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge HX6 2EA

Spa House Inn - Booth Dean, Rishworth

Spa Inn - Cragg Road, Cragg Vale

Spinners - Lee Bridge 

Fact - aka 'Lee Bridge Tavern'

Spinners Rest - Todmorden

Sporting Life - Wheatley (aka McMillans)

Sportsman - Blackshaw Head

Sportsman - Ploughcroft, Boothtown

Sportsman - 41 Birds Royd Lane, Brighouse

Sportsman - 44 Bradford Road, Brighouse

Now Great Wall Chinese Restaurant


Sportsman Inn - 4 Gates End, Crag Road, Cragg Vale (Closed in 1959)

Sportsman - Elland

Sportsmans Inn - Rochdale Road, Greetland HX4 8PL   Phone: 01422373725


Sportsman - 48 - 50 Crown Street, Halifax

Fact - now known as Gundog. Previously known as 'Rose and Crown' and 'Cooper's Arms'. 

Ancient inn, remodelled in 1904 to designs by W.H.D.Horsfall, and now Halifax’s only example of a substantially-surviving Edwardian interior. Four rooms with elaborate ceilings and much of their original fitted seating lead off a central drinking lobby that features an ornate staircase. The layout has been partly opened-out and a modern stage raised above seating in one of the back rooms, but the former dining room at front-right is intact, with oak-panelling and good leaded windows depicting sporting scenes. Statutorily listed in 1995 following a successful application by CAMRA.

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Sportsman - Hebden Bridge

Sportsman - Hipperholme

Sportsman - Midgley

Sportsman - Park Lane Ends, Ogden (Now flats)


Sportsman - Queensbury

Sportsman - 5 Foundry Street/29 Sowerby Street, Sowerby Bridge

Sportsman - Foxen Lane, Mill Bank, Soyland

Sportsmans Arms - Kebs Road, Stansfield (Closed in 2011)

Spotted Cow - Gibbet Street, Halifax

Landlord Jonathon Whitehead failed to renew the license in 1869 due to premises being frequented by prostitutes

Spread Eagle - Elland

Spread Eagle - 7 Old Market, Halifax 

Spread Eagle - 19 Heptonstall Road, Hebden Bridge

Spread Eagle - Rishworth Mill Lane, Butts Green, Rishworth

Spring Gardens - 45 Elland Lane, Elland


Spring Gardens - Ovenden Wood

Spring Gardens - Todmorden

Spring Rock - Norland Road, Greetland HX4 8PT  Phone: 01422377722

Springfield - Abbey Street/80 Prospect Street, Halifax (opened in 1873)

Square and Compasses - Illingworth

Square Road End Tavern - Woolshops, Halifax

Landlady Emma Smith failed to renew the license in 1869 due to premises being frequented by prostitutes

Staff of Life - Commercial Street, Brighouse

Fact - changed name to 'Ring of Bells'

Staff of Life - 550 Burnley Road, Cornholme

Fact - originally called 'Peeping Tom of Coventry'

Staff of Life - Briggate, Elland (Closed in 1920s)

Stag - Heptonstall

Stag and Pheasant, 13 Bethel Street, Brighouse

Closed in 1928

Now Taylors and Co. Hairdressers


Standard of Freedom - 2 New Lane, Skircoat Green HX3 0TE

Stannary Inn - Stannary - The City

Star - Halifax

Was this on Northgate or Crossley Street?

Star - Brighouse

Star - Lindwell, Greetland HX4 8HH

Star - New Street, Elland (Closed in 1960s)

Star - Weymouth Street, Orange Street, Halifax

This pub started out as a beer-house, presumably in older premises, then for many years, The Star belonged to local brewers Richard Whitaker and Sons, though it was a free-house in it's later years. The last landlady was Margaret Dillon, originally from Mirfield.

The pub was popular with Campaign for Real Ale members and the top floor housed the Halifax Star Boxing Club, founded by Bob "the Tiger" Ennis in the 1940's, which later moved to the Workout Warehouse in Square Road.

Star - Rastrick

Star - Sowerby

aka Rushcart

Starving Rascal - see Swalesmoor Inn

Station Hotel - Church Street, Hx

Where? Opposite side of Church Street to Eureka

Station Hotel - Pellon Lane got old pic

Station Hotel - Elland (See Barge and Barrel)


Station Hotel - Stainland

Station House Hotel - Todmorden

St.Crispins -  Halifax

St. Crispins - Shibden

See Crispin Inn

Stewart's Vaults, Silver Street, Halifax


Stirk Bridge Inn - Scar Head Road, Sowerby Bridge


Stocks Arms - Bradford Road, Northowram

(now open as '22 The Square' Restaurant)

Stod Fold - Dean Clough

Stone Chair - Mount Tabor

Stone Chair - Shelf

Stott's Arms - Wakefield Road, Brighouse 

Stranger's Home - 1 Clarkebridge / 1 Bank Bottom, Southowram

(Beerhouse. Demolished in 1899).

Licensees listed from 1871-1899 when it closed. Gasworks entrance - Pulled down to make more room for the gasworks.


Going on the address and information, I would say the cross is close to where the beerhouse stood.


The old gas works entrance


Stubbing Wharfe - Hebden Bridge

Studio 44 - Northgate, Halifax

Stump Cross Inn - Godley Lane, Stump Cross HX3 6XG

Once run b Trevor Calligan, ex- Dewsbury rugby league player and boxing manager who converted part of the Inn into a gymnasium, complete with boxing ring.

Sun Dial Inn - Briggate, Brighouse

Sun Inn - 41 Woolshops, Halifax

Where? Where the 'M and S' car park steps are on Winding Road

Sun Inn- New Hey Road, Rastrick HD6 3PZ 

Sun Inn - Walsden

Sun Inn - Lightcliffe (See Hop & Hide)

Swalesmoor Inn - Swalesmoor, Ploughcroft

Aka The Starving Rascal, Cold Harbour

Swan - Brighouse

Swan - Hebden Bridge

Swan - Heptonstall

Swan Bank Tavern - Swan Bank, Siddal


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Swan With Two Necks - 290 Halifax Road (Now houses)

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