Halifax Pubs Past and Present Sn

Halifax Pubs Past and Present Sn

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Sour Milk Hall - 14/16 Horley Green Road/Miles Street

Sourhall - Parkin Lane, Todmorden

Fact -previously Dog and Partridge

Southowram Social Club - got old pic

South Ward Club

Sovereign - 16 Charlestown Road (opened in 1867 and closed in 1910)

Sowerby Taps - 17 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge HX6 2EA

Spa House Inn - Booth Dean, Rishworth

Spa Inn - Cragg Road, Cragg Vale

Spinners - Lee Bridge 

Fact - aka 'Lee Bridge Tavern'

Spinners Rest - Todmorden

Sporting Life - Wheatley (aka McMillans)

Sportsman - Blackshaw Head

Sportsman - Ploughcroft, Boothtown

Sportsman - 41 Birds Royd Lane, Brighouse

Sportsman Inn - 4 Gates End, Crag Road, Cragg Vale (Closed in 1959)

Sportsman - Elland

Sportsmans Inn - Rochdale Road, Greetland HX4 8PL   Phone: 01422373725


Sportsman - 48 - 50 Crown Street, Halifax

Fact - now known as Gundog. Previously known as 'Rose and Crown' and 'Cooper's Arms'

Sportsman - Hebden Bridge

Sportsman - Hipperholme

Sportsman - Midgley

Sportsman - Park Lane Ends, Ogden (Now flats)

Sportsman - Queensbury

Sportsman - 5 Foundry Street/29 Sowerby Street, Sowerby Bridge

Sportsman - Foxen Lane, Mill Bank, Soyland

Sportsmans Arms - Kebs Road, Stansfield (Closed in 2011)

Spotted Cow - Gibbet Street, Halifax

Spread Eagle - Elland

Spread Eagle - 7 Woolshops, Halifax (Old Market?)

Spread Eagle - 19 Heptonstall Road, Hebden Bridge

Spread Eagle - Rishworth Mill Lane, Butts Green, Rishworth

Spring Gardens - 45 Elland Lane, Elland

Spring Gardens - Ovenden Wood

Spring Gardens - Todmorden

Spring Rock - Norland Road, Greetland HX4 8PT  Phone: 01422377722

Springfield - Abbey Street/80 Prospect Street, Halifax (opened in 1873)

Square and Compasses - Illingworth

Square Road Tavern - Woolshops, Halifax

Staff of Life - Commercial Street, Brighouse

Fact - changed name to 'Ring of Bells'

Staff of Life - 550 Burnley Road, Cornholme

Fact - originally called 'Peeping Tom of Coventry'

Staff of Life - Briggate, Elland (Closed in 1920s)

Stafford Arms - Huddersfield Road, Salterhebble (aka Chilli Lounge. Now an Indian restaurant)

Stag - Heptonstall

Standard of Freedom - 2 New Lane, Skircoat Green HX3 0TE

Stannary Inn - Stannary - The City

Star - Halifax

Was this on Northgate or Crossley Street?

Star - Brighouse

Star - Lindwell, Greetland HX4 8HH

Star - New Street, Elland (Closed in 1960s)

Star - Weymouth Street, Orange Street, Halifax

Star - Rastrick

Star - Sowerby

Station Hotel - Church Street, Hx

Where? Opposite side of Church Street to Eureka

Station Hotel - Pellon Lane got old pic

Station Hotel - Elland (See Barge and Barrel)

Station Hotel - Stainland

Station House Hotel - Todmorden

St. Crispins - Shibden

Stirk Bridge Inn - Scar Head Road, Sowerby Bridge

Stocks Arms - Bradford Road, Northowram

(now open as '22 The Square' Restaurant)

Stod Fold - Dean Clough

Stone Chair - Mount Tabor

Stone Chair - Shelf

Stott's Arms - Wakefield Road, Brighouse 

Stranger's Home - 1 Bank Bottom, Southowram

(Demolished in 1899)

Stubbing Wharfe - Hebden Bridge

Studio 44 - Northgate, Halifax

Stump Cross Inn - Godley Lane, Stump Cross HX3 6XG

Once run b Trevor Calligan, ex- Dewsbury rugby league player and boxing manager who converted part of the Inn into a gymnasium, complete with boxing ring.

Sun Dial Inn - Briggate, Brighouse

Sun Inn - 41 Woolshops, Halifax

Where? Where the 'M and S' car park steps are on Winding Road

Sun Inn- New Hey Road, Rastrick HD6 3PZ 

Sun Inn - Walsden

Sun Inn - Lightcliffe (See Hop & Hide)

Swalesmoor Inn - Swalesmoor, Ploughcroft

Aka The Starving Rascal, Cold Harbour

Swan - Brighouse

Swan - Hebden Bridge

Swan - Heptonstall

Swan Bank Tavern - Swan Bank, Siddal

Swan With Two Necks - 290 Halifax Road (Now houses)

Alphabetical list of

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